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Meet higher expectations

The world of finance has never been more demanding, making a proper document workflow more important than ever. As specialists, we’ll help you streamline loans, simplify contract management, improve internal processes, and make document management far more manageable.

Account payable automation software will process 70% of invoices automatically to the ERP or financial system with 0% error rate within 3 months of implementation.

Furthermore, Toshiba Managed Services can help you with the following:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safeguarding privacy
  • Managing massive amounts of paper-based documentation
  • Quick search and access to financial records
  • Adding information and updating existing records
  • Efficient promotion of rates and quotes
  • Enhancements to employee training

Streamline the loan process

Real-time, comprehensive reporting gives you an accurate overview of loan processing metrics so you can focus your resources accordingly.

Simplify contract management

Document We've simplified the capturing, review and approval of contracts in order to save you time and resources. In addition, appropriate members of your staff can access the most recent versions of contracts from anywhere, at any time.
Want to make contract work easier? We'd be happy to help.

Legal and compliant with less paperwork

BalanceFinally, the tedium has been removed from mergers and acquisitions. Toshiba enables you to access and share critical information more quickly and securely, eliminating the paper along with the paperwork. Our Capture and Workflow solution makes it easier to track and administer the access and storage of corporate documents.

More manageable records

Toshiba Document SolutionsStaff members can instantly access customer records from any location at any time. Utilising full-text search capabilities and a secure electronic repository, records can only be accessed by authorised users. Capture key operational documentation including:

  • Corporate treasury service contracts
  • ACH payment authorisations
  • Vendor agreements
  • Image exchange agreements

Contact us for further information or view the following brochure.

Toshiba Managed Services Brochure 

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