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About Us

Toshiba IT Services provides managed IT support packages – we take care of your IT infrastructure.

About usOur services include hardware, storage, security and networking solutions.  Our customers trust us to ensure their IT infrastructure is compliant, up-to-date, and securely backed up. 

We specialise in Backup & Disaster Recovery, Cloud infrastructure, On-premise, Cloud services, supply hardware and software, Server Monitoring and IT Consulting.

We partner with trusted and leading technology vendors who work with us to support your IT environment. Together we deliver great service and industry leading solutions.

A partnership with Toshiba provides access to our vast array of renowned technologies, products and services. Toshiba Australia is a global technology leader enjoying huge success in Australia and New Zealand and a leading supplier of document imaging solutions.

Our team have deep product knowledge and technical skills. We’re honest and focused on supporting you and ensuring you and your organisation are making the most of technology.

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We’re ready when you are. We invite you to contact us to get started.

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