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Know what to do if your server fails? Confident that you can find missing data files? Ever had a data breach? Assuming Microsoft 365 is handling all your data retention and recovery needs?

networksWe believe back up is one of the most functions of your business. Our customers trust us to help protect them from data loss.

Toshiba IT Support helps with managed backup, monitoring and support to safeguard business data. We design solutions that back up important data locally on-site and offsite in the private or public cloud, including daily monitoring, for a simple monthly fee.

We understand that most businesses need daily and weekly backups and the ability to restore lost files or emails quickly – and that it needs to happen in the background to let you focus on doing business.

We offer investment in trusted and secure, Australian hosted back-up solutions so that if something does go wrong, Toshiba IT Services can get you back up quickly. 

Our managed backup service includes scheduled maintenance, monthly reporting, monitoring, and service level agreements. We advise on where the data is backed up, onsite, private cloud or public cloud, depending on business requirements and the level of security required.

We offer products that make it easy to manage and schedule Microsoft 365, Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint backups from a single web-based dashboard and support organisations with compliance of regulations around data-retention requirements.

Toshiba IT services provide essential support Disaster Recovery service plans that provide peace of mind, minimise down time, and maximise productivity in the event of a failure.

Contact us to ask more about how to safeguard and protect your business data.

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