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We understand that even in a world when everyone appears to be moving toward the cloud, there are still times when it makes financial and commercial sense for servers to be located on site.

on premiseIn exchange for an investment in servers, software, maintenance and technical expertise you’ll enjoy complete control over the infrastructure setup and data is secure in your private network, nobody other than your team has access to the information.

Toshiba IT Services helps deliver and maintain on-prem technology that is located at the premises of your business. Often referred to as private cloud, our on premise infrastructure services include server management, security updates, software upgrades, access controls, backup and disaster recovery and infrastructure monitoring.

If required, our experienced and knowledgeable team provide consulting services to help you understand the difference and benefits between cloud, on premise and hosted private cloud implementations, including the pricing and why you might choose one over another or a hybrid approach.

Contact us to ask us how we can support your on prem infrastructure to get started.

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