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March 17, 2020

Dear Valued Customer:


COVID-19 Situation

Toshiba Crisis Management & Business Continuity Plan


The purpose of this letter is to provide you with a brief outline on Toshiba’s response to the ongoing situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Toshiba has implemented a Covid-19 Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plan.

To oversee the refinement of this plan, as well as its communication and execution, we have also formed a company task force with representatives from executive management and key business disciplines.

As part of this plan we have announced a number of initiatives via recommendations, policies and procedures to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees whilst ensuring that our business can continue to operate with minimal disruption.

These initiatives introduce new guidelines and procedures for travel, social distancing, hygiene, illness, school closures, customer contact, family care, flexible and remote working.

In executing these new initiatives we recognise the need to stay close to our customers and remain committed to our obligations for your ongoing service and support and supply of our products and services.

Toshiba continues to work closely with our parent company, factories, component suppliers and logistic partners whilst increasing our local warehouse flexibility to ensure we avoid any delays in delivery.

Toshiba is constantly monitoring the situation and will continue to adapt our plan in conjunction with Government & Health Authority communication & strategies as well as direction from our parent company.

We are committed to remaining close to you as our valued customer, sharing information and keeping you informed of any changes to protect our mutual business.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to continuing working together as we navigate through these very challenging times.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Whittard
Managing Director
Toshiba Australia Pty Limited


Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd, Electronic Imaging Division

COVID-19; Our actions to protect our staff, customers and partners while maintaining business continuity

From the early days of the increasing COVID-19 (coronavirus) threat, we have taken a number of precautions in our business to maintain the health and safety of our staff (both in-field customer facing and back office), partners and customers. As further information is released through official channels our reaction to the threat will changing accordingly.

Please check back here regularly, as updates will be posted as they change.

Our response to the crisis at a minimum will follow all government guidelines, but in a number of areas, we have exceeded any current advice.


From Monday 16th March 2020


Support of our products:

  1. As far as possible, we will remote fix devices by either guiding customers through resolving problems, or using our remote support tools to resolve customer issues
  2. Our Customer Care Centre and Service Desk teams are triaging many incidents remotely to ensure that if we do have to deploy a technician to site the time spent on site will be minimised. Parts selection will be made before we arrive at site to minimise return calls to fit parts wherever possible.
  3. Technicians have been given clear working guidelines to protect their, and our customers, health and safety. These guidelines include:
    1. Clear contacts in our Head Office if they feel any risk while working, or if they believe there has been any potential exposure
    2. The provision of antibacterial wipes or other alcohol based cleaners to be used before and after repairs have been made
    3. Alternative greetings which will negate the need for technicians to come into close contact with or touch (such as a handshake) with customers
    4. Call ahead scripts to customer sites to ensure there is no risk in attending site, or for the customer to delay the technician visit
    5. Empowerment of our technicians to assess the safety of visiting a site, both for their safety and site safety (where the site may carry risk of incoming infection, such as health or aged care facilities)
    6. Wherever possible we will work along our customers guidelines and processes in managing COVID-19
    7. Technicians will not need to seek customer signatures on their mobile devices when completing work
    8. Advising our technicians to regularly wash their hands, following the government and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines
    9. Technician guidelines, instructions for hand washing, and the use of hand sanitiser have been pushed out to technicians iPads ensuring they are always and quickly available
  4. We will not visit sites where we have been asked not to attend


Supporting our back-office and sales teams:

  1. We have already enabled many of our teams to work remotely away from our offices
    1. Telephony is available through soft phones
    2. Databases, ERP, records management and other internal systems are all accessible via VPN
    3. We have updated our work from home polices, allowing more people to remotely work during this time
    4. Our teams are working to support our customer needs through job staggering, job rotation and team splitting
  2. Our Customer Care Teams are ready to work remotely if we need to close our Customer Care Centre for any reason
  3. In readiness of our normal Business Continuity Plan we already utilise an outsourced contact centre should our internal Customer Care Centre be affected in any way
    1. Our outsourced partner has multiple centres located around Australia
    2. Processes were already in place and have been thoroughly tested well before the COVID-19 outbreak
  4. Our sales teams are working remotely and keeping regularly in touch with our customers, while reducing the number of face to face meetings


Supply chain and logistics:

  1. We are regularly in touch with our factories, and although there has been some slight interruption to manufacturing, we believe this will have a negligible impact on our business and customers as of today
  2. Our factories are fast approaching 100% production once again
  3. We are receiving some notifications from our local couriers of short delays in delivering our products due their increased processes to manage COVID-19, and our customer’s processes slowing down delivery (closed businesses, new or enhanced processes)
  4. However, there are no significant delays or impacts to our end-to-end supply chain processes


If you have any concerns and would like to contact us specifically in our response to COVID-19 please email us at:


Bret Davies
General Manager – Electronic Imaging Division

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