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  • Capture, index and automatically file your business critical information
  • Track and secure access to confidential information to specific user groups
  • Search and retrieve from your desktop, smart phone or tablet, or MFD panel
Infotraq is your gateway to efficiency.  It's a server-based electronic document management system designed for people who don't have time to manage documents. It can scan and convert your paper files and archive them together with your existing Microsoft Office® documents, and emails, all in one secure digital cabinet.

Flexible solution

Capture and store your business critical information, whether it be paper-based, in electronic format or in email.  From the panel of your multifunctional device to favourite applications such as Microsoft Office®, connecting and adding documents is wasy with Infotraq.

Document indexing

Automatically tag your documents with metadata from barcodes, sticky notes, user input and even the document contents, to aid in classification, search and retrieval.

Secure access

Restrict access to confidential and sensitive information to users in specific groups roles. Limit access to change documents to users with appropriate job roles.

Search and retrieval

Search and retrieve information (subject to access privileges) via the desktop client, flexible web client, smart phone or tablet, or even via the panel of your multifunctional device.


Supported Operating Systems
Windows 2008 Server SP1 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 2008 R2 Server (32 or 64 bit), Windows 2012 Server (64 bit)
Running Under Virtualization
Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle xVM, VirtualBox and VMWare
Recommended Hardware
Recent generation server CPU processor, such as Intel Xeon 64 or equivalent, 8GB RAM, 400 GB free disk space recommended

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Copyright © 2016 Toshiba Corporation. All Rights Reserved.