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Capture, review and approve

Simplify the contract management process and decrease the time it takes to capture, review, and approve contracts with Toshiba. Key staff members can access the most recent version of a contract from anywhere, at any time.

Up-to-date sales agreements

Contracts are critical to the daily operation of your organisation. Sales agreements in particular can involve a great deal of paperwork, and a great deal of changes to the paperwork. It's essential that your staff has access to the latest version at any given moment.

Toshiba Managed Services helps you keep track of everything involved with each contract, in a timely manner, every step of the way.

Streamlined procurement contracts

Document ManagementFrom initiation to negotiation to renegotiation, our contract management solutions keep everyone on the same page. Maintain a complete version history with document check-out/check-in. Receive notifications when contracts are up for renewal. Report on contents of contracts to easily answer contract-related questions and provide required information to auditors.

Secure access to legal contracts

BalanceWith Toshiba you'll have instant access to contracts and powerful reporting capabilities to provide a big-picture view of all your organisation's contracts. Then you can instantly answer contract-related questions and requests. Contracts stored and managed are not only instantly accessible, they're also secure. Non-disclosure agreements, lease agreements, and other legal contracts are safe from unauthorised access.

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