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Unlock further capabilities in your Toshiba devices and generate new efficiencies.

Unleash your true potential

Cost Recovery

Toshiba Cost SavingsMany businesses in professional services rely on automated cost-recovery solutions to enable them to track and recoup client-billable expenses. Our solutions team can help you to recover these costs and integrate into your billing system.



Document to Data

Toshiba Document SolutionsToshiba can drastically improve your document intensive processes by using capture technologies. The key is to extract the information in these documents whether paper or electronic, in a way that can be automatically integrated into your business processes.


Electronic Document Management

Toshiba SolutionsBusiness documents hold your intellectual property. It's vital you store these in a secure, controlled repository. The ability to retrieve them securely in seconds enables fast response times to business challenges and the ability maintain your organisation’s competitive edge.


Pull Printing

IdentificationOften referred to as “FindMe” printing, this ingenious system permits users to print and release their printing at any networked print device. This application will streamline and change the way users work and print. 


Mobile Print

Mobile phoneProvide your users the flexibility to print from their smart phones and tablet devices directly without network security problems. Then allow outside visitors to print to on your network without security risks or complex network issues.


Printer Management

Toshiba PrintersRegardless of the size of your organisation, your printing costs can rapidly escalate and get out of control if they’re not tracked and monitored. We offer a range of tailored solutions guaranteed to reduce your print costs and paper consumption.


Document Security

SecurityWho has access to your filing cabinets? Chances are they aren’t even locked. Toshiba can secure your confidential documents so only users that need access to a particular file can access it with full reporting, compliance and backup facilities.


Eco Strategies

Empower your business with the ability to control waste, employ green initiatives. At a glance, you can view your paper output in terms of C02 produced and trees consumed, enabling you to make informed decisions to manage your environment efficiently.


Copyright © 2016 Toshiba Corporation. All Rights Reserved.