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Simplify your workflow

Transform paper into pixels

Toshiba ELO

Looking for ways to reduce the amount of time spent with paper-based processes? Digitising documents and automating your workflows provides secure document storage giving you total management control. 

Toshiba's Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions transform electronic and paper-based documents into intelligent data, delivering enhanced efficiency, cost-savings and increased security. 

Convert mountains of paper, file shares and email in-boxes into smart digital workflows. Watch staff productivity soar while the risk of losing business critical information is dramatically reduced.

Toshiba's EDM solution can save your company time and money. Spend more time being productive and less time searching for missing documents. By searching for specific information contained within your documents, a file or record can be retrieved within seconds.

Improve efficiency

Did you know it takes a worker on average 18 minutes to locate a paper document?

Eliminating manual processes and automating workflows improves efficiency. Paper documents can be scanned, captured and converted to other file formats including a PDF Archive format (PDFA). This offers universal readability for decades to come.

Documents that enter your organisation in a digital form can also be filed in the same system so all documents irrespective of where they originated can be filed, archived and secured in the one place.

Searchable documents

Document ManagementToshiba's EDM solutions create searchable documents, saving your business time and improving efficiency. Paper-based documents can only be filed under one heading but by utilising Toshiba's EDM system, different variables can also be searched for. This gives you the ability to search for any word, sentence or number within a range of documents to find exactly what you are looking for within seconds. This advanced technology can also index captured documents and generate a unique ID code.

Information retention

Different types of documents have different life cycles. Some documents are only required to be held for a few years while others need to be kept for many years.

By digitising your paper files and storing them in Toshiba's EDM software, when a document reaches the end of its required life it can automatically be removed from the system. This offers full compliance with organisational and Government regulations.

Better security

SecurityToshiba's EDM solution can restrict files or folders to certain users or groups thereby safeguarding sensitive information in a secure location. 

By digitising your documents, you also have the ability to back them up, something which is virtually impossible with filing cabinets and archive boxes. Using the document 'check-out' facility also gives you greater control and visibility as to which documents have been accessed and by whom.

Process automation

Cloud Computing

Business processes rely heavily on the availability of information. Toshiba's EDM solution automates document workflows so that accurate information is delivered to the correct members of staff. This ensures work tasks are completed as efficiently as possible. Intelligent routing can then make decisions on where and to whom information should delivered, dependent on the business rules applied.

Work-intensive processes such as accounts payable, purchasing and payroll can also be streamlined and automated. The analytical and statistical data gathered on these business critical tasks is invaluable.


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Copyright © 2016 Toshiba Corporation. All Rights Reserved.