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Capture, manage and deliver

It's an area most document management partners simply overlook. Not the specialists at Toshiba Managed Services.

Electronic document management: Savings in action

Toshiba Print SolutionsOur analysts assess critical document processes, identify potential cost savings, demonstrate technology to help you communicate and collaborate more efficiently, and reduce risk by better securing your documents.

Document capture: a smarter on-ramp

Document Management

Your Multifunctional Devices (MFD) and scanners can be used as 'on-ramps' for documents to your network and the broader public Internet. You can intelligently route documents to servers, email and collaboration tools. Also, capture the contents of the documents into

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Document Management (EDM) solutions and into a broad array of business applications.

New document workflow: more automated, accurate and agile

document distributionDiscover the full potential of an ECM system to not only capture documents and content, but intelligently incorporate them into the flow of business. Distribute information anywhere it's needed. Automate processing steps, simplify work tasks and provide real-time monitoring to advance any document-based business routine.

Variable print/data transformation: using more channels

DocumentMove your documents from legacy print streams to output on state-of-the-art Toshiba MFDs, while simultaneously delivering documents through multi channels.

Want to take the next step? Contact Toshiba and learn more by discussing print and capture with a Toshiba Specialist.

Copyright © 2016 Toshiba Corporation. All Rights Reserved.