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The freedom to print at your fingertips

People are changing the way they work. They want to be more mobile and not chained to their desk. With new technology like smart phone's and tablets it is predicted that this will continue to change the way organisations need to view the way their people work and interact. 

* Studies have shown that users can perform 80% of their work duties on a tablet computer whilst they are mobile. Organisations need to find ways to further integrate such devices in order to increase efficiency and their bottom line without affecting their network security.

It is predicted the use of smartphones in the workplace will double in the coming year with almost 190 million users already using smart devices at work. Consequently, the demand for mobile printing solutions in the workplace is ever increasing with enhanced mobility in a workplace being more essential than ever.

*The Expanding Role of Mobility In The Workplace, Forrester Research, Feb 2012

Freedom and flexibility

Toshiba Mobility
Toshiba Professional Services offer innovative solutions that allow your organisation the freedom to print at any time from anywhere. With Toshiba Mobile Print documents, notes, photos, web pages and more can be printed directly to any networked printer via any smart phone or tablet. There's no need to switch on a PC or transfer files and with seamless wireless connectivity you can print directly from your mobile device.

Improved productivity

Toshiba processingThe convenience of not needing to wait to transfer files or turn on the computer will save your organisation valuable time and can improve productivity. From employees who work part-time from a home office to those who travel regularly for business, mobile printing is the ideal solution.

Minimise time wastage

Toshiba Printing SolutionsMobile printing is also suited to office workers travelling between floors or divisions. 'Pull Printing' allows a user to print and collect a document from any network printer anywhere within your organisation.  Should a mobile user forget to release their prints, or decide that the output is no longer required, any uncollected output is simply purged from the queue after a configurable period of time.

Existing and new users of Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs can launch straight into the world of mobile printing in the office by downloading the free apps below.

Contact us to discuss further options and capabilities available for mobile printing.

e-BRIDGE Print & Capture is an application that will allow you to utilise TOSHIBA e-STUDIO MFPs to print and scan from your Android or iOS device.

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Copyright © 2016 Toshiba Corporation. All Rights Reserved.