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Manage Your Print Environment

Toshiba Print Management

Companies that deploy a Managed Services program reduce their costs by an average of 30 percent. By actively managing print, Toshiba Print Manager Suite is a modular and flexible offering which is tailored to ensure that you receive the best solution for your needs. 

Our Print Manager Suite will enable you to detect and uncover inefficiencies and change staff behaviour through enhanced monitoring and controlling of your print, scan and copy processes. Deploy just the functionality of our modular Suite to achieve the outcome that your organisation requires.

Control Costs

65% of organisations don't know how much they print or how much it costs, or even what they have.

- Gartner Research

Toshiba Print Manager Suite can significantly improve your profitability by implementing simple controls for each user and device, giving your organisation visibility on their utilisation. For instance, controlling access to colour printing for internal documents in a workplace, or generating a report to see who produced the most colour usage in a month. Deploying tools to effect change on the users and modify habits will drive continual and lasting improvement.


Toshiba SolutionsToshiba Print Manager Suite offers a number of detailed reports that define the print usage volumes of your organisation. These can be for each device, department or individual, allowing you extensive control and tracking of your organisations print environment and total expenditures.

Control Access

IdentificationNeed your users to have more accountability for their print jobs? We offer solutions to integrate back to active directories that will track usage and also enable smart "Pull Print" technologies, often referred to as Find Me print. Pull printing can be integrated into your existing security card system or by utilising a pin code at the device to release print jobs or use for single sign on.

Policy for Print

PrinterTo get ever lasting change in your organisation you need to control print as a category and have "print policies" in place to effectively manage the outcome. Print policies will allow you to control the way users print and how they print, a simple example is if a user prints a job which is not double-sided, the policy will recommend the job be duplexed. For emails, it can recommend that they print in mono. This will greatly impact your bottom line and reduce your environmental impact.

Fleet Management

IT Services 100

An organisation's IT team should not spend any unnecessary time managing print devices. Our modular software suite can manage supplies, meter readings, driver configuration, user profiles and full diagnostic reporting on fleets varying in size and locations. 

No longer will your IT team be burdened with maintaining a fleet of devices and the costs associated with them.

For more information please make contact and your Toshiba Specialist will be in touch shortly.

Copyright © 2016 Toshiba Corporation. All Rights Reserved.