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Saving costs on pre-printed forms

Toshiba Document SolutionsDo you process a large quantity of forms that are part pre-printed, part overprinted? - When the pre-printed area of the form changes, it can mean expensive reprogramming and the waste of thousands or millions of obsolete forms - forms that take up warehouse space, another cost. 

Toshiba has a software application that takes print data streams from host data systems, processes the data, and distributes the output when and where it is required, without reprogramming the original application. It manages data in a wide variety of formats, including print and flat files, XML, and e-mail, and prints the data to Toshiba LAN printers, yielding business communications that are more professional and effective.

Reduced Costs for Output Management 

Toshiba Document SolutionsIn addition to eliminating the need for pre-printed forms, Toshiba’s Variable Data Printing solution provides flexible and customisable solutions for all output needs. Immediate savings result from replacing pre-printed forms with cut sheet paper and from reduced misuse and obsolescence waste, administration and forms warehousing. Revisions and new forms design can also be developed and implemented without expensive IT services. 

More Reliable, Cost-Effective Printing


Data is sent to LAN-based Toshiba printers versus older legacy system printers, meaning higher output levels at a lower operating cost. Plus, Toshiba Multifunctional Devices can also be used to copy, fax and scan. They also offer full finishing services like duplexing, stapling, hole punching and saddle stitching.

Fewer Calls to Help Lines

Document Management

New, user-friendly forms help recipients find important details easily, so there are fewer calls from people trying to decipher their information. Toshiba can provide a robust range of form solutions that make vital information to be more accessible to more people.


Replacing Paper with Electronic Files


It's common for organisations to be almost literally swimming in paper documents. Historically, most of the transactions between organisations
and customers have been on paper and copies of those documents must be archived. This has created problems such as lost documents, wasted time in searching and limited access.In the past solutions like Microfiche have helped, but  now there’s a much more powerful solution.

For more information, simply contact Toshiba and your Toshiba Specialist will make contact.

Copyright © 2016 Toshiba Corporation. All Rights Reserved.