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As a Global Partner of Datalogic, Toshiba have access to world class, intuitive hand held scanners and mobile computers (PDAs). Manufacturers and consumers rely on packaging for visibility to ensure efficient production, timely delivery and product safety. 

Confidently knowing that the right product is delivered and having ability to track your goods throughout the supply chain process has huge benefit tackling many of global supply chain problems like mislabeled products, lost profit and product shrinkage. 

Reduce man hours

The intuitive flagship model for all industries, Memor 10 contains serious scanning power, astounding durability and Green Spot Technology.


Scanning items through pick and pack processes is a simple way to manage inventory and speed up data entry so billing can occur faster. Additionally, scanning helps reduce inventory going to the wrong location, including internal storage bays. 

Inventory comes in many different formats, whether your assets are files or physical packaged goods, Datalogic scanners are a world leading solution that can be utilised for a variety of different industry types including transport and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. 


Depending on your operator environment, your workflows may require a long range scanner. Long range scanners give operators flexibility to scan from their heavy vehicle for example, a forklift, without needing to exit their vehicle reducing time and increasing safety on the warehouse floor. 

Typically speaking scanners either feature a short range scan engine or a long range scan engine, however the Memor 10 has an industry first dual combination scan engine which enables scalability with your processes. 

If you are unsure, it is best to ask an expert – take advantage of our barcode gurus and contact us for your free assessment here.

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