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Office and reception areas are a hub of activity and the face of any business yet commonly, are heavily burdened with manual processes in a fast pace world.  Automating office functions such as preparing daily mail, filing, parcel deliveries or facilitating guest registration, can return considerable time savings that enable your staff to focus their time on more important things like high quality customer care. 

Amazingly flexible and convenient, adopting technology is a small investment that can transform your office processes. 

Office simplicity

Easy to use and available with a variety of accessories, Toshiba's BV400 series of desktop printers are the ideal way to minimise manual workflows and increase data accuracy.


Combined with sign in software, desktop label printers are a great way to improve brand perception and customer experience. Speak with a Toshiba Dealer to see how they can customise a solution for you to make your brand stand out and create memorable experiences for your clients. 
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