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Label solutions engineered for perfection

With over 30 years’ experience in label print solutions, we guarantee peace of mind and simplicity with our powerfully engineered solutions and local barcode experts.

Take advantage of our barcode gurus and get your FREE consultation today.

Desktop Label Printers

Our best entry level model, designed for small spaces and no tech set up, this industrious printer is sure to impress with high speed printing, generous label capacity and all-in-one print technology.
  • Office
    Mailing labels
  • Healthcare
    Patient ID labels
  • Retail
    E-commerce labels
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Industrial Label Printers

Never say die with our seriously powerful industrial printer. Built for speed and durability, this mission critical printer performs best when uptime is everything, including self-service ability and massive consumable capacity.
  • Manufacturing
    Hazardous labels
  • Produce
    Batch tracking labels
  • Warehouse
    Freight labels
Toshiba industrial printers

Mobile Label Printers

Unrivalled protective casing to prevent operator damage, this lightweight portable printer is packed full of punch with high drop rating and large media holder. Future-proofed to grow with your business needs.
  • Retail
    Mark down labels
  • In-field services
    Test and tag labels
  • Warehouse
    Picking labels
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Scan & Track Products


Unyielding reliability and outstanding performance, power is in your hands with these world class scanners. These visionary scanners ensure data accuracy and precision scanning, all with guaranteed local support.
  • Healthcare
    Medication verification
  • Transport
    Order fulfilment and receiving
  • Retail
    Inventory management
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Label Design Software


Automate the creation of barcodes, labels and more with BarTender. From basic applications through to enterprise solutions, BarTender software is designed for you and available in Professional, Automation or Enterprise licenses.
  • All industries
    All applications – literally
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