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Farmers face a wide range of challenges due to remote locations and sheer variety of products grown, packaged and sold. Managing batch information, inventory turns and fast delivery to wholesalers or storefronts can be tricky; adoption of technology in-field and within distribution centres is fast becoming a necessity to achieve end to end supply chain visibility. 

Whether you need product identification in field for crops or logistics solutions, label printers are an economical choice with significant benefit gain. 

Batch management

Ensure the correct item is delivered to the exact store, at the right time. Use by dates through to product recalls, barcoding can achieve it all. 


Stringent consumer health and safety regulations mean now more than ever, accurate batch management and the ability to enact fast product recalls is a must. Utilising barcode formats such as GS1 Databar help improve quality of data and traceability, from the store front right back to the field in which it was grown. 


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