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High pressure environments and a vast array of identification required, processes and compliance in Healthcare segments are intricate and detailed. Accurate data is paramount; inaccurate data can put patient safety at risk with severe implications. Laboratory samples through to patient wristbands, every piece of information is crucial for correct administration of medication and patient care.

For this reason, barcode and labelling systems are in high demand particularly for hospitals or laboratories, not only to mitigate risk of misidentification of specimens, but more importantly, to free up staff from manual processes so superior care can be provided faster and to a higher standard. 

Cerner Certified solutions

Small footprint and quiet operation, this Cerner Certified desktop printer is the perfect assistant to help you keep moving.


Gain time, control and management of assets with our permanent print solutions. Laboratory or pharmaceutical labels undergo extensive processes and exposure to harsh conditions, which may require specialist consumable inks for permanency. Seek our guidance to discover the most effective solution and ensure compliance with mandatory labelling reforms. 

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