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Efficiency has become more important than ever as the logistics industry continues to see significant changes to its traditional profile with growth of Third party logistics (3PL) organizations and the rise of E-Commerce affecting the demand for just-in-time delivery.

Future proofing your business with technology is a proven way to streamline processes and improve traceability. Capture detailed analytics of your product, from origin to consumer, with label solutions including RFID and scanner integration.

Best for High Vis

The workhorse for your warehouse, B-EX industrial series is self-serviceable and durable, perfect for mission critical labels.


In many instances, shaving even just a few seconds for pick, pack and delivery processes can reduce significant expense and gain key efficiency improvements in your supply chain. Barcoding and mobility solutions enable flexibility for your operators to print and scan on demand, as well as enhance compliance with label standards such as SSCC labels. 

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