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Toshiba Genuine ribbons are carefully selected and qualified from world leading coaters in Japan. We understand our customers ever changing requirements for cost effective solutions and specialist applications, which is why Toshiba offers a vast and comprehensive range of thermal ribbons.

Toshiba ribbons suit multiple industries including chemical, pharmaceutical and warehousing environments. With over 30 years experience, you can rest assured our thermal ribbons deliver optimal print quality.

Which ribbon is right for me?

  Wax Wax Resin  Pure Resin 
General Purpose
Long Life
Where there is light direct contact or handling
Where there is frequent direct contact or handling, or printed image is subject to outdoor elements.
Where printed image is subject to extreme conditions, chemicals contact, heavy direct abrasion or heat.
Suitable materials
Paper labels only
Most paper and synthetic labels including gloss finish
Synthetic labels only

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Most durable

Resin ribbons chemically bond to synthetic labels, making this ribbon type the first port of call for long lasting labels particularly in chemical, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical or clothing industries.

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Info Sheet AS1  Info Sheet AS2 


Most popular

The market standard, wax resin is the most popular blend that accommodates both paper labels and some synthetics for requirements across multiple industries. 

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Info Sheet AG2    Info Sheet AG3


pngMost economical

Designed for quick turn over paper labels, wax is your cheapest ribbon option. Toshiba offers different variations of wax ribbons to accommodate your requirements.

Info Sheet P6 

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