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Your business runs on documents and processes. Forms, purchase orders, invoices, receipts, customer information, proposals, transportation schedules, pricing files, work orders…you name it, there’s probably a document for it. Toshiba understands businesses need to print less and prefer to use printer cloud solutions to help managed print services.  That's why, Toshiba’s offers a wide range of MFD managed printers to choose from together with the world's best in class print management software solutions creating the ideal on-ramp to digital transformation success.

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Digital transformation creates opportunity 

  • Digitising your printed paper documents gives you the chance to Do More.
  • Automate and streamline your processes 
  • Enhance collaboration, between staff, clients and suppliers, anywhere in the world 
  • Unlock the valuable business insights that are hidden away in your documents 
  • Stay on the right side of security and compliance regulations 
  • Develop the agility to adapt to changing market demands 
  • Operate a sustainable business 

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Toshiba is helping companies around the globe to use digital documents and streamlined processes to Save money. Improve productivity. Increase Sustainability.

We’re working with them on their journey of digital transformation. Providing industry-tailored expertise on workflows, collaboration, powerful search tools and secure and compliant storage.



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Save money. Improve productivity. Increase Sustainability.

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The sustainability factor

Businesses are more aware of their environmental footprint, including their use of paper. There’s an increasing shift towards triple bottom line reporting - a focus not just on profits, but also on people and planet - to give a more rounded account of performance.  

Realistically, even in a fully digitised organisation, there will still be some need for print. (That’s why our message is ‘Print Less’, not ‘Stop Printing’.)  

But the good news is that there’s plenty you can do to minimise its impact on your sustainability.



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Discover more 

We’re providing companies with advice on the innovations that are helping to reduce printing and paper consumption  

  • Print audit and tree planting programs  
  • Print release, quotas and chargeback software  

You can find out more about digitisation and paper-saving technologies in our e-Book ‘Print Less. Do More’. Download your copy now.

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