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Professional services

Professional services practices, such as solicitors, accountants and consultants work in the medium of documents. Handling sensitive legal and financial issues means that privacy, security and compliance are non-negotiable. Efficient document management, workflow processes and automatic allocation of print disbursements reduce handling time and cost, and can enhance the service your practice offers its clients.

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Solutions for Professional Services



Professional services high volumes

High volumes of documents

Professional services practices receive and generate massive quantities of documentation. Managing these documents efficiently saves time, increases client service and saves cost. Digitising paper documents is the first step to getting them under control, organising case files and ensuring you can find what you need fast.


Paper waste

Being aware of, and minimising, your environmental impact is particularly relevant when you’re a document-driven profession. Toshiba has solutions to minimise your use of paper, through digitisation, automated workflows and paper reuse.

Professional services paper waste


Professional services print costs

Print costs

In a profession reliant on documents, print costs can very quickly get out of control. Get back on top of your print costs, with enforceable print rules, print queue and retrieval, and track and charge-back of print jobs.


Working from home

With professional services practitioners working increasingly from home, sensitive information must be protected. By replacing printed documents with digitised versions, automating workflows to route information between professionals and managing secure filing, you can achieve this, along with enhanced efficiency.

Professional services work from home


Professional services rapid search

Rapid search

There’s nothing slower or less efficient than ploughing through mountains of paper files to find the information you need about a matter or client. With digital filing and sophisticated ‘Google-like’ search, you’ll have the information you need, at your fingertips.



You’re dealing with highly confidential information, from client matters to employee files. Digital transformation of your document management will help to ensure that all information is stored securely and is only accessible by authenticated users.

Professional services privacy


Professional services document management

Employee management

Recruiting, on-boarding and managing staff can be labour intensive. But with digitised systems, you can automate the workflows that manage applications, job offers, appraisals and professional development, whilst ensuring that sensitive data is handled in line with regulatory compliance.


Efficient invoicing

Invoice management is a core process in any professional services practice, but it can be time-consuming, which leads to delays and even cash-flow problems. Automating your invoice processing, by scanning invoices, digitising and intelligently routing them for approval will save you time and help you get your invoices out (and payment in) faster.

Professional services invoicing



Automated workflows help to streamline processes and keep your business productive.

Environmental responsible

By replacing traditional paper formats with digital documents, you minimise paper waste for a positive environmental impact.


Manage your sensitive client and employee information to the required regulatory standards for security and retention.

Reduced costs

Streamlined processes, reduced volumes of paper and staff efficiency all contribute to reducing practice costs.

Information at your fingertips

Find the essential information stored in your documents, with efficient search and retrieval.

Client service

An efficient, streamlined practice is one that can put all its focus onto providing outstanding service to its clients.


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Success Story

Customer: Aulich

Country: Australia

Industry: Legal

The Client:

Running a successful legal practice requires not only great lawyers, but highly efficient operational support. Reliable, cost-effective, secure and auditable management of confidential information – in digital or printed format, is at the heart of a business that is built on documentation and communication.  
Aulich is based in Canberra, and comprises of Aulich Criminal Law, Canberra’s leading criminal law practice, Aulich Civil Law and Aulich Property Law. The three law firms share an office and all IT, telephone and printing systems. Their previous systems were old and supplied by three different providers, none of whom had local support.

The Challenge: 

 Aulich’s administrative team explains; “With three busy law firms under one roof, we have to ensure that we have the highest levels of technology support. We just weren’t getting that from our previous providers. We were using three different companies for IT, telephone and printing, and none of them had a support team locally based here in Canberra. We had to pay to get their people in from Sydney every time we needed help – and even then, they just made quick fixes, so we really weren’t getting the best from our systems”.  

A discussion with Goran Josifovski of Toshiba opened the possibility of change. “Goran explained that Toshiba thought they might be able to help us, with new IT and printing technology”, says the administrative team, “and a local support team in Canberra. He offered us a full assessment of our technology needs and the best way to address them.”

"With three law offices under the one roof, I had to ensure the highest levels of technology support". - Aulich's, Administrative Team

The IT Audit Discovery Process was led by Gavin Payne, a Technology Solutions Consultant with Toshiba.  “The Discovery Process took an in-depth look at Aulich’s systems, including server loading, processor age, internet speed, crypto lockers defences, documentation, disaster recovery and warranty”, he explains. “The output was a set of business and systems risks, in a prioritised ‘traffic light’ report.”

The Solution: 

“The aim of the Discovery Process,” says Goran, “is to look at what an organisation has in place, and find scope to improve. We define what they need to keep the business running, and then look for functionality gaps and/or opportunities to reduce costs. We’re aiming to find efficiency gains – whether by reducing their spend, or by offering more within the existing budget.”

“It’s a process where we can really get to know a business and, importantly, build a relationship of trust. The outcome is often an approach to technology that is far better aligned with the overall business strategy. We see a lot of organisations that are very reactive, and this process helps them realise that technology can be proactive and strategic.” Aulich saw scope for service improvement and savings and asked Toshiba for a proposal to deliver them. Toshiba’s approach was to standardise into a single ‘Toshiba One’ service.  
“Most legal firms deal with multiple vendors across a range of line items – phone, server, backup infrastructure, desktop PCs and printers, “explains Goran. “The beauty of the Toshiba One complete business solution is that we can offer an end to end managed service. We were able to offer Ben Aulich a single provider, a single contractual leasing framework and single set of support parameters.” 

The Toshiba One solution included managing the switch-over of contracts, the return of all equipment to the previous supplier, installation and onsite support as the Aulich team got to know the new systems.

“The administrative team was adamant that their legal team were too valuable to be impacted by a technology change”, says Goran, “so we planned the installation to take place out of hours. We did the setup and preparation work remotely, started the onsite installation on Friday night and worked through to Sunday to complete it in time for the new working week.”

The Result: 

The local Toshiba Canberra technical team who installed the new technology now provide ongoing onsite support – although so far, none has been necessary as the new equipment is very reliable and easy to use. As it is provided on a rental basis, the firm is confident that once it is superseded, replacing it with newer models will be simple and hassle-free. Toshiba will simply take out the old and replace it with new. 

"Having a strong technology partner is important to us, it means we know that we have the technology and support we need". - Aulich's Administration Team

“Having a strong technology partner is so important to us”, summarises the adminitrative team. “It means that we don’t have to employ someone in-house, yet we know we have the technology and support we need to help our lawyers, paralegals, administration and reception staff keep the business running smoothly, and cost-efficiently.  Working with Toshiba has made our lives so much easier. We are so glad we switched – it was a great decision”.

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