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Transport & Logistics

Transport and Logistics rely on efficiency - receiving, shipping and tracking goods, managing invoices and payments. The more streamlined your operation, the greater the productivity and profitability. Digital transformation is the key to efficiency - replacing slow paper-based processes with modern, streamlined automation.

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Solutions for Transport & Logistics



Streamlining fulfilment

Fulfilling orders is at the very heart of your business. It can be a labour intensive process, but Toshiba has solutions to make your processes and people more efficient. We offer electronic order entry for faster processing and accurate data and label printing for tracking of goods throughout the supply chain.


Controlling and reducing waste

Moving goods around can generate a lot of paper. That makes for high printing costs. We help you reduce those costs with managed print queues, enforceable print rules, print tracking and chargeback.


manage records

Manage employee records and maintain privacy

With a large number of employees, managing their HR files, from job application to performance reviews, can be a time consuming process. With Toshiba, you can digitise all employee records, enabling efficient management and workflow. Electronic storage means you can enforce privacy rules, whilst also enabling rapid search functions.


Efficient invoicing

Automating your invoice processing drives efficiency, getting invoices out faster and payment in sooner. Digitised documents and automated workflows mean invoices are validated, assigned for approval and automatically routed for payment with minimal human intervention and maximum speed.


Free up key staff

Do you have valuable, knowledgeable people tied up on administrative tasks and paperwork? Toshiba can help you free them up to do what they’re really good at, adding value to the business. Process automation can free them from low-grade tasks and engage them in activities that generate greater value in fewer hours.



Eliminating wastage, and using fewer of the world’s precious resources makes good business, as well as ethical, sense. Toshiba has solutions to help you reduce paper wastage and create an environment where business can flourish into the future.



Improving communication

Communication with your workforce across the warehouse or factory floor is important for safety, productivity and morale. Toshiba’s digital signage helps you to send out alerts, safety messages, performance statistics and other company-wide communications in real time, from a single central management point.



Automated workflows help to streamline processes so staff can spend more time on value-adding activities.

Environmental responsibility

Reduce paper and waste by converting paper files to digital.


Ensure your employee records management meet regulatory standards for privacy and security.

Reduced costs

Streamlined processes mean staff are more productive and eliminate unnecessary cost.

Faster payments

Automated invoice processing for smoother, faster payments.

Clear communication

Communicate with all staff with interactive training and improved remote meetings.


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Success Story

Customer: Capital Transport

Country: Australia

Industry: Logistics


The Client 

Capital Transport provides innovative, flexible transport solutions to businesses across Australia. They specialise in transporting anything from an envelope to 22 tonnes of
steel in four hours or less within metropolitan cities. From its beginnings in 1990, Capital Transport has grown to an organisation of 400 staff and 1600 subcontractor
drivers nationally. 

The Challenge

Business growth is driven by a large sales team. Having the right paperwork, professionally presented and reliably available is crucial to the smooth running and
continued growth of the business.

Adrian Bolzan, National IT Manager, explains; “Our sales teams prepare and deliver proposals to clients, most of whom still want to receive a printed copy. The account managers are on the road three days a week, so need to know they can print their documents before they leave the office. They need a printing service that is 100% reliable that produces high quality, professional proposals.”

As well as proposals, Capital Transport relies on being able to print hard copies of invoices, credit applications and client manifests. “Documentation is at the core of
our business”, says Adrian, “so our printing systems have to work, every time.”

The Solution 

Capital Transport have been using Toshiba printers for over 16 years and were delighted with the reliability and functionality but they also had hardware from other providers. Adrian realised that trying to manage a mixed fleet was creating unnecessary overheads, in time and cost. 

“Having a range of different printer brands, of varying quality, meant that staff were never sure which printer to use, and we had to maintain and manage multiple printer drivers”, says Adrian. “So when Toshiba recommended we could manage our print fleet more effectively by consolidating, we were very open to looking into it.”

Toshiba carried out a full review of all of Capital Transport’s printing requirements and resources and recommended:

  • A printer hardware refresh and consolidation of multiple printer types onto a single Toshiba platform
  • PaperCut software to monitor and manage print usage and costs from a central ‘single pane of glass’
  • A lease contract with a single monthly payment that includes hardware, maintenance and consumables, based on a cost per copy model

The Result

Adrian says that the updated printer fleet has delivered some significant benefits in the way that Capital Transport runs and supports their business. 
The single contract makes it easier to assess and track the overall cost of printing, without having to separately factor in each cost component. 

For Adrian’s IT team life is simpler too. “Our IT team can deploy new printer solutions more rapidly and reliably now that they only have to manage a single driver across our printer fleet. That makes opening up new offices or getting new devices out to the business much faster. Supporting the equipment is simpler too, with fewer issues and queries. For us the Toshiba printers really are a ‘set and forget’ solution.”

Capital Transport value their relationship with Toshiba, who help them provide a valuable service within the business. Adrian sums up what makes Toshiba a trusted partner, “Toshiba equipment is reliable and on the rare occasions when we do need support, it is excellent. Above all, we have great account management - the Toshiba team are honest, provide clarity and they always think about us, the customer, first.” 

Capital Transport
PO Box 1168,
Huntingdale, VIC, 3166
P: 03 8562 0001


TOSHIBA (Australia) Pty Limited
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road,
North Ryde, NSW, 2113
P: 1300 794 20

Toshiba (Australia) New Zealand
32 Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington, 
Auckland, New Zealand
P: 09 570 8530

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PPK bnr 

Success Story

Customer: PPK Group Limited (Ltd) 

Country: Australia

Industry: Mining 


The Client 

PPK Mining Equipment are part of an ASX listed public company PPK Group Limited (PPK), which was established in 1994. PPK are focused on growing and investing in innovative technologies including; Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT), commercialisation of high-performance batteries, ballistic armour for commercial and military use, as well as world class mining technology.

PPK Mining Equipment currently have several operations based in New South Wales including; Port Kembla just south of Wollongong, Tomago in Newcastle and Singleton, North West of Newcastle, with all finance functions running from the Brisbane Head Office. 


The Challenge

PPK process up to 1,500 invoices per month and using Accounts Payable (AP) software Pronto Xi. The majority of the Purchase Orders that PPK raise are inventory items to manufacture the BNNT.

Each of PPK’s locations are responsible for ordering and receipting of their purchases. The HO Finance team is then responsible for the entry and payment of the invoices associated with these purchases. This resulted in a lot of back and forth between the business units/locations, which PPK considered a wasted effort.

“I was tired of listening to my Finance team answering calls from vendors/staff members asking about invoices. It was a total waste of our time following up invoices that had not been processed due to discrepancies or digging out copies of historic invoices for the purchasing department. I had previously run a small project with Redmap while at a prior employer and knew that there was a better way”, Fiona Wilson, Group Financial Controller, PPK.


The Solution 

Redmap’s solution was implemented at PPK to meet their requirements. Redmap allowed PPK to process both Purchase Order (PO) and Non-PO invoices straight out-of-the box.
Invoices are sent to an email address provided by Redmap, the data is automatically extracted, and the extracted data is then used to determine if the invoice is automatically posted or sent to someone for their approval. Once posted, a link is automatically created to the source document, for ease of downloading in the future.
Fiona continued, “I was impressed with how far the Redmap software had come. I am a huge believer in standardised software offerings and Redmap’s solution fit the bill perfectly. I chose to change a few of our processes to fit to their standard practices and this means that our implementation was both cost effective and very fast."


The Result 

Prior to the Redmap implementation PPK’s Finance would handle every invoice, often multiple timesbefore processing them. Post Redmap’s implementation, the team now handles less than 5% of all invoices processed, with the outliers only needing human intervention as they contain an error. The AP software allows the Finance team to automatically refer these invoices back to the responsible purchasing division for investigation or variance approval.
The Finance team has been both more efficient and effective thanks to Redmap. The End of Month close for Accounts Payable has been significantly reduced and more monthly analysis has been able to be achieved by the team. Retrieving copies of historical invoices is now done with a push of a button, with all invoices now stored electronically in one convenient location.
“Invoices are literally flying around the business and my team are almost never touching them”, said Fiona. “Being able to see where all invoices are at any one time, across 3 different locations, is something that I could never have achieved without considerable effort from my team. I cannot imagine ever having to process them manually again. I am taking Redmap everywhere I go, I love it.”


PPK Group Limited 
10 Eagle St, 
Brisbane, QLD, 4000
P: 07 3054 4500


P: 1300 378 836


TOSHIBA (Australia) Pty Limited
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road,
North Ryde, NSW, 2113
P:1300 794 202

New Zealand
32 Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington,
Auckland, New Zealand 
P: 09 570 8530


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Toshiba Transport Logistics

Success Story

Customer: Coast to Coast

Country: Australia

Industry: Logistics

Jim and Larisa from Coast to Coast Jim and Larisa from Coast to Coast

When it comes to keeping the maritime industry moving, South Australian based Coast To Coast Services has an enviable reputation as a very efficient ship supply company.

Mr Len Angione, Coast To Coast Services director and founder, is highly respected in the ship supply field with more than 40 years experience in the industry.

Headquartered in Cheltenham, South Australia the company services all ports in Australia supplying a diverse range of goods and services. These range from general provision, cabin and engine stores to unique hard to find products and technical services.

In the words of the company's administration manager Ms Larisa Angione, “We provide shipping companies with anything and everything – we are a one-stop go to shop for them.

“If our customers need life raft services we arrange companies that provide that. If they need a doctor on board we organise that. It's a pretty varied and quite exciting working environment. We operate all day everyday, giving on-time service to keep vessels moving,” she said.

The Challenge

“Because the director is not a huge computer user the company has a culture of relying on paper documentation for all its internal communications processes such as invoices, orders, quotations, technical documentation and the like,” said Ms Angione, Administration Manager.

Achieving great success by providing efficient and reliable products and services for the shipping industry is not without its problems. Ms Angione who has been with the company for the past seven years identified one major problem was the vast amount of paper documentation that they produced.

She said that while the current paper based system works perfectly well it was a noticeable cost area that needed to be looked at.

According to Ms Angione going paperless in the short term wasn't really an option for them.

“I was amazed and delighted at the innovative solution Copyworld and Toshiba Australia were able to provide to solve our problem.

The Toshiba Approach

“Since joining Coast To Coast Services I have developed an excellent relationship with Copyworld's account manager Jim Hough.” Copyworld are Toshiba Exclusive Platinum Dealers in Adelaide and Perth. 

Coast to Coast originally has a Toshiba 25ppm e-STUDIO colour multi-function product but because of the huge volume of paper being printed, they wanted to explore other options. 

Ms Angione said that Jim Hough proposed that she consider Toshiba's new Paper Reusing System. The system consists of the e-STUDIO Eco Printer which prints the document in an erasable blue toner, and the e-STUDIO RD30 which erases the documents for reuse—makes more effective use of paper.

“As soon as Jim explained to me that we could re-use the same piece of paper up to five times as a minimum I had a light bulb moment and asked him to immediately provide me with a quotation.”

“We got the quote back from Jim on the monthly cost of what it would be to purchase the system and also the running cost. And the running costs in comparison were a quarter of what the normal printer would be when you factor in the paper costs.”

She said that the Copyworld team were fantastic to work with on this project. 

“While Jim was away, Copyworld's sales director Mark Richards came out and conducted the presentation. Once we saw all the benefits we just said to ourselves this is too good an opportunity to pass up.

“Why wouldn't we jump at the opportunity when you can re-use the paper up to a minimum of five times or more. I'm making a saving there, we're having a less of an impact on the environment so we're not wasting paper.”

Ms Angione said that in the past they would destroy any paperwork of a sensitive nature. 

“Now we simply erase the ink and we are good to re-use the paper again,” she said.

While the information is erased from the paper Ms Angione said that she has plans for any critical information to be scanned by the Toshiba MFP and captured as electronic files for archiving purposes.

“There used to be a lot of comment in the office that we wasted so much paper. The staff have really embraced the Toshiba Paper Reusing System and think it is fantastic technology.”

We used to order anywhere from between 20 to 25 cartons of paper a month. - Ms Angione, Administration Manager

"We have a really good relationship with Jim and Mark at Copyworld. They were able to help us with financing on the equipment which was greatly appreciated." Ms Angione said

“Because we had an existing Toshiba e-STUDIO MFP we didn't even require training as the e-STUDIO range has a very user friendly interface and are extremely easy machines to use.”

The Outlook

“Since taking delivery of Toshiba's Paper Reusing System I only ordered 5 cartons of paper this month. So that's how much paper we used to waste in the past. It gives all of us a really good feeling to know that by reusing the paper it is not only a benefit to the company but also a benefit for the environment.

“Given many of our customers are based internationally we are often asked if we have Corporate and Social Responsibility initiatives in place. Toshiba's Paper Reusing System is one area we can now most certainly point to as a CSR initiative.”

Ms Angione said that Copyworld and the Toshiba Paper Reusing System had solved her problem by reducing paper waste, reducing costs and allowing them to importantly keep the paper based system in place that has made their operation work effectively for so many years albeit now in a much more environmentally friendly way.

Coast to Coast Case Study

Coast to Coast Services 
987-991 Port Road
South Australia 5014

Telephone (08) 82400450 

Copyword South Australia

Copyworld SA
1/56 Greenhill Road
South Australia 5034  

Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd 
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road
North Ryde NSW 2113

Telephone 1300 794 202

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Success Story

Customer: A Carter & Sons 

Country: Australia

Industry: Logistics

A Carter & Sons is a Transport, Warehousing and Logistics service provider providing 3PL, warehousing and distribution. Starting out as a road freight operation, the family owned and operated business has grown significantly since its inception in 2001.

This level of growth has brought changes in the way that Carters operates – not least in having to streamline and refine processes, to ensure efficiency as it scaled.

The Challenge: 

One issue was the way in which the company manages its proof of delivery (POD) process, as Richard Burke General Manager explains. “As a distribution provider, we have to accommodate the POD preferences of multiple clients. Some want to get a signature on an invoice, some have their own POD format, some use ours. 

Some use paper and some sign on glass. We needed to capture all this POD data, store it internally and ensure that a copy is sent back to the client, in the right format. As our customer base grew, so did the diversity of requirements, and it became very onerous to manage.” 

"We needed to cut down our POD processing time down from hours to minutes" - Richard Burke, General Manager

With the time to process PODs increasing, Richard knew he needed a solution that could automate the task, cope with the scope and which would deliver efficiency. “We needed to cut our POD processing time down from hours to minutes”, Richard explains.

In his search of the market, he spoke to an Account Manager at Toshiba, and was impressed with his knowledge of the logistics industry. The Account Manager introduced a Toshiba Solution Consultant, who was able to map Richard’s pain points, recommend the most appropriate solution and demonstrate how it would meet Carters’ needs having grappled with the issue over a long period of time, Richard was delighted that what Toshiba proposed was one that could be implemented very rapidly.

The Solution:


The solution utilises Toshiba’s print/scan technology which allows Carters to capture and interpret PODs in all formats and allocate the document based on the information in it. “It’s a really smart system”, explains Richard. “It knows what to look for based on the document format, by capturing, interpreting and appending meta data content, and uses it to kick off a workflow process, combined with automating the customer notification and filing process.”

Toshiba provides the solution as a managed service, with a single monthly payment based on usage, making it very easy to administer. 

The Toshiba solution has had a big impact on the business – it has reduced the time spent processing PODs by 3 hours a day, or 15 hours a week. “It streamlined the current unscaleable and resource heavy process and supported increased business”, says Richard. “With the automated system I can push through more and more PODs without needing additional resources.”

The Result:


Support is very important to Richard – “You need to know you can always ask a question or get the necessary upgrades”, he explains. “Everyone says they provide good support, but I’ve dealt with vendors where the account manager disappears after the initial sale and the lack of support cripples the solution.”

“That’s certainly not the case with Toshiba,” he continues, “their support and responsiveness is second to none. If we ever do have a query or issue, they are on to it really quickly, which is essential, because we’ve come to depend so heavily on the system.”

Richard is particularly impressed by the accessibility of his Account Manager. “In other organisations, you have to log a support call just to get to speak to someone”, he says, “but I can ring for any post-sales questions.” 

The Toshiba system has transformed the POD processing that is at the heart of Carters business. The smart scanning and workflow technology has dramatically improved productivity and the scalability of the solution gives Richard total confidence that it will match the continued growth he envisages for the A Carter and Sons business.

A Carter & Sons

Silverwater, NSW
Tel: (02) 8775 9000

Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd 
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road
North Ryde NSW 2113
P: 1300 794 202 

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