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Childcare is an essential service, relied on by many of Australia’s working families, to keep their children safe and cared for when they cannot be there themselves. For childcare providers, this entails keeping detailed records – enrolment information, child assessment,  incident reports and policies. Toshiba are experts in records management and in harnessing the power of Microsoft’s SharePoint to create a childcare records management system that helps to deliver the best levels of care.

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Solutions for Childcare



Childcare  efficiency

Personalised care

Every child is different, and as a childcare provider, you aim to give each of them the level and type of care that best suits their needs. To do this, you need to capture, store and share information about children, incidents and policies. Toshiba helps you to manage this process and ensure information is easily and readily available to all staff. 



Childcare is a highly regulated sector, and the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) has stringent requirements to ensure high quality care . These include standards for data handling and records management. With the help of Toshiba, you can put systems in place that meet ACECQA’s audit requirements and avoid breaches, downgrading of ratings, and fines. 

childcare compliance


Childcare data security

Privacy and security

The records held by a childcare centre contain personal and sensitive information about children and their families. It must be secure, and only accessible by authorised people. Security breaches can and do happen. Our security expertise helps you to keep your valuable data out of the hands of cybercriminals and implement robust security and privacy policies. 


Time spent with children

Your primary purpose is to provide care, and you need your staff to be focused on the children in your centre, not on administrative tasks. We can help take the pain and time out of managing records, freeing up your team to do what they do best – care for kids.

Childcare staff productivity


Toshiba Childcare Easy Access

Easy access to management information

As a childcare provider, you need to be able to access the key data that you rely on – no matter where you are. If you run several centres, you need all records centrally available, not stored on paper locally. Toshiba will help you create a digital, cloud-based childcare information management system that gives you instant access from anywhere.


Reducing your environmental footprint

A business’ approach to sustainability can be a key decision making factor to its customers. Paper and printing consume vital resources. Digitising your records management is a big step towards reducing your footprint, and Toshiba can show you how.

Sustainability Toshiba and  childcare


Childcare cost management Toshiba

Cost management

Good financial and cost management is essential in order to run a profitable business. Creating, maintaining and storing paper records can be a significant drain on funds. Our childcare information management system converts your paper records to digital, reducing the cost, time and stress of handling your essential records.


Data availability

No matter how good your plans, unforeseen circumstances, human error or natural disasters can corrupt or destroy your data. A backup, from which you can rapidly recover, is essential. Many centres still shave records on PC hard drives, or even in archive boxes in storerooms or garage. Our childcare records management solution with Microsoft Sharepoint gives you enterprise grade backup and that all-important fast recovery. 

Childcare data availability


Individual care

Capture, store and share the records you need to provide the right care for each child.

Regulatory compliance

Meet ACECQA requirements, pass audits and avoid penalties.


Keep sensitive child and family records secure, avoid data breaches.

Staff productivity

Free up your staff to spend more time on childcare, less on admin.

Cost management

Reduce the cost of managing paper or in-house IT with a digital cloud solution.

Data availability

Peace of mind, knowing your vital data is backed-up and recoverable.

Environmental responsibility

Increase sustainability with reduced paper and printing.


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