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The future of business is in the cloud - offering speed, hassle-free infrastructure, greater security and reduced costs. 

But are you ready to move to the cloud efficiently? Ready to take advantage of all that it offers? 

Toshiba can help. We’ll get you there with Toshiba CloudReady. 

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  • Step 1 - Cloud Strategy
  • Step 2 - Cloud Adoption
  • Step 3 - Cloud Optimisation
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Step 1 - Cloud Strategy


toshiba cloudready consultation


Moving to the cloud requires strategic planning. We listen to your story, to understand your business and technical drivers and what you want to achieve. We’ll discuss approaches and explore the business case and ROI for cloud.

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We carry out a thorough audit of current state, across process, organisation, technology, risk, vendors and compliance for cloud adoption readiness. We’ll report back with details of our assessment and conclusions. 

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Toshiba cloud strategy


Based on the discovery, we will recommend a bespoke strategy to meet your unique business requirements. The strategy will ensure a workable and cost-effective approach to meeting your specific goals for cloud migration.    


Step 2 - Cloud Adoption


toshiba cloudready professional services implementation

Rapid Implementation

We’ll create a migration plan, manage governance structures and standards, and risk and mitigations. We’ll develop the tools and solution architecture you need. We take a ‘fail fast’ approach and will run a small scale Proof of Concept (POC) before full enterprise rollout.

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Expert IT service provision

If you’re not technology experts, don’t worry - we are. With our Managed IT Services, we’ll provide your cloud platform for you, giving you service that allows your team to work anywhere, and frees you up to focus on other priorities. 

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Toshiba Managed IT Services


Toshiba cloud connections

Connect with integrated apps 

Increase the value of your cloud platform by connecting to Toshiba’s suite of integrated apps. Automating your scan, file and retrieve operations, with integrations to Microsoft 365, Box, SharePoint, HPE Content Manager, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. If you have a favourite cloud tool, we’re probably working with it.

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Digital Transformation

We’ll help you on your digital transformation journey, by automating processes, enhancing search and retrieval, and unlocking invaluable business insights. Toshiba’s Kōdo Business Suite has four solutions, to transform Invoice Processing, Document Management, Information Security and Business Workflows. 

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Toshiba digital transformation


Toshiba raven remote maintenance

Hassle-free remote maintenance 

Once your devices are on the cloud, in the Internet of Things (IoT), you can take advantage of stress-free remote maintenance. Toshiba will check your devices for issues, consumables and updates, giving you one less thing to manage.  

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Automated invoicing workflow

If you’re an SME looking to process invoices more efficiently, Toshiba offers Kōdo AP Cloud. It’s an Accounts Payable document workflow solution, which reads the data on an invoice and automatically routes it to the appropriate approver. No more having to forward emails, and no more searching to find them when there’s a query. All invoices and their status are easily visible, for efficient AP processing. 

Accounts payable Invoice workflows


Step 3 - Cloud Optimisation


Self Healing and remote maintenance

Self-healing for maximum up time

Optimise your cloud platform and minimise disruptions with smart self-healing software. Toshiba’s Kōdo Raven solution pre-empts maintenance. It remotely monitors for required security patches, preventative updates and consumables, fixing issues before they become problems. 

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Managing costs and environmental impact

Smart device and software management gives give you full visibility right across your cloud operations. With the right information at your fingertips, you can manage systems more efficiently, reducing costs and environmental impact. We’ll implement PaperCut MF, or PaperCut Hive putting you back in control.

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cost environment



Intelligent reporting

Toshiba’s MyFleet portal puts all your essential print fleet management information into a single, easy to access portal. You get real-time insights, predictive analytics, service logs, invoices, payments and usage data - putting you in full control of your print assets.

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Innovative technology partnership

Take the hassle out of managing your fleet. Toshiba’s managed service covers all your print devices, so you only ever deal with one supplier. Upgrading or adding to your fleet is fast and easy and we’re experts in managing for efficiency saving our customers up to 40% of their costs.

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technology partnership



Seamless integration

If you’re running other applications in the cloud, we can integrate with your existing apps. We’ll create seamless connections with any cloud app, giving you a joined up, fully integrated cloud solution.

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Continuous improvement

We embrace the concept of ‘Kaizen’ or in our approach to customer solutions. Kaizen is a continuous improvement philosophy, and we aim to methodically find ways to improve processes enhance solutions and make your work environment more effective and efficient.

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continual improvement


Read what our customers have to say



Success Story

Customer: Aulich

Country: Australia

Industry: Legal

The Client:

Running a successful legal practice requires not only great lawyers, but highly efficient operational support. Reliable, cost-effective, secure and auditable management of confidential information – in digital or printed format, is at the heart of a business that is built on documentation and communication. 

Aulich is based in Canberra, and comprises of Aulich Criminal Law, Canberra’s leading criminal law practice, Aulich Civil Law and Aulich Property Law. The three law firms share an office and all IT, telephone and printing systems. Their previous systems were old and supplied by three different providers, none of whom had local support.

The Challenge: 

 Aulich’s administrative team explains; “With three busy law firms under one roof, we have to ensure that we have the highest levels of technology support. We just weren’t getting that from our previous providers. We were using three different companies for IT, telephone and printing, and none of them had a support team locally based here in Canberra. We had to pay to get their people in from Sydney every time we needed help – and even then, they just made quick fixes, so we really weren’t getting the best from our systems”.  

A discussion with Goran Josifovski of Toshiba opened the possibility of change. “Goran explained that Toshiba thought they might be able to help us, with new IT and printing technology”, says the administrative team, “and a local support team in Canberra. He offered us a full assessment of our technology needs and the best way to address them.”

"With three law offices under the one roof, I had to ensure the highest levels of technology support". - Aulich's, Administrative Team

The IT Audit Discovery Process was led by Gavin Payne, a Technology Solutions Consultant with Toshiba.  “The Discovery Process took an in-depth look at Aulich’s systems, including server loading, processor age, internet speed, crypto lockers defences, documentation, disaster recovery and warranty”, he explains. “The output was a set of business and systems risks, in a prioritised ‘traffic light’ report.”

The Solution: 

“The aim of the Discovery Process,” says Goran, “is to look at what an organisation has in place, and find scope to improve. We define what they need to keep the business running, and then look for functionality gaps and/or opportunities to reduce costs. We’re aiming to find efficiency gains – whether by reducing their spend, or by offering more within the existing budget.”

“It’s a process where we can really get to know a business and, importantly, build a relationship of trust. The outcome is often an approach to technology that is far better aligned with the overall business strategy. We see a lot of organisations that are very reactive, and this process helps them realise that technology can be proactive and strategic.” Aulich saw scope for service improvement and savings and asked Toshiba for a proposal to deliver them. Toshiba’s approach was to standardise into a single ‘Toshiba One’ service.  
“Most legal firms deal with multiple vendors across a range of line items – phone, server, backup infrastructure, desktop PCs and printers, “explains Goran. “The beauty of the Toshiba One complete business solution is that we can offer an end to end managed service. We were able to offer Ben Aulich a single provider, a single contractual leasing framework and single set of support parameters.” 

The Toshiba One solution included managing the switch-over of contracts, the return of all equipment to the previous supplier, installation and onsite support as the Aulich team got to know the new systems.

“The administrative team was adamant that their legal team were too valuable to be impacted by a technology change”, says Goran, “so we planned the installation to take place out of hours. We did the setup and preparation work remotely, started the onsite installation on Friday night and worked through to Sunday to complete it in time for the new working week.”

The Result: 

The local Toshiba Canberra technical team who installed the new technology now provide ongoing onsite support – although so far, none has been necessary as the new equipment is very reliable and easy to use. As it is provided on a rental basis, the firm is confident that once it is superseded, replacing it with newer models will be simple and hassle-free. Toshiba will simply take out the old and replace it with new. 

"Having a strong technology partner is important to us, it means we know that we have the technology and support we need". - Aulich's Administration Team

“Having a strong technology partner is so important to us”, summarises the administrative team. “It means that we don’t have to employ someone in-house, yet we know we have the technology and support we need to help our lawyers, paralegals, administration and reception staff keep the business running smoothly, and cost-efficiently.  Working with Toshiba has made our lives so much easier. We are so glad we switched – it was a great decision”.

3 Hobart Place, 
Canberra City, ACT, 2601
Tel: (02) 6279 4222

Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd 
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road
North Ryde NSW 2113

Telephone 1300 794 202


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Success Story

Customer: Abbe Corrugated

Country: Australia

Industry: Manufacturing

Challenge: Manual paper-base AP workflow

Solution: Kōdo AP Cloud (Powered by Redmap)


A world of packaging

Abbe Corrugated designs and manufactures corrugated cardboard packaging and point of sale displays. Their range extends from plain cardboard cartons to multi-colour, eye-catching point of sale displays, for customers packaging anything from perishable goods to heavy industrial equipment. 

Abbe has always invested in innovation, such as their state of the art automated materials handling system, to ensure it can meet the ever-changing demands of its customers. An innovative approach has helped them maintain their enviable position of having the industry’s shortest lead times, from estimating through design, manufacture and delivery. 

Streamlining the AP process in the cloud

So when it came to looking at their internal systems, Abbe realised they had to take the same approach, and use technology and innovation to help them streamline this essential business process.  

Abbe process approximately 1,000 invoices per month, but the system definitely had room for improvement. “Our invoice workflow process got the job done, but was inefficient”, says Alice Williams, Group CIO . “It was never considered too much of an issue and, whilst we wanted to automate it, there were always higher priority projects.”

“But then COVID came and we were no longer in the office. That meant that our longstanding method of using physical folders to distribute the invoices for approval simply wasn’t going to work any longer.”

A trusted partner

Abbe had a trusted relationship with Toshiba having used their multi-function devices (MFD) for many years for printing and scanning. They knew that Toshiba were experts in document management, so they got in touch to see if they could help. 

Toshiba introduced Abbe to their partner Redmap, document imaging solutions specialists,  and suggested Abbe talk to them about their Accounts Payable (AP) automation application.  

“When I initially contacted them, it was with the intention of doing a full AP Automation implementation”, explains Alice. “But we very quickly hit what seemed like an unsurmountable roadblock. We process our invoices using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, and they told me that they don’t have PO integration with GP. So their initial response was that they were very sorry, but they couldn’t help me.”

From roadblock to customised solution

But what happened next was really impressive to watch.

Alice takes up the story: “The next day my Account Manager contacted me and said that whilst they couldn’t automate the PO matching and posting to GP, they had an idea.

What if they just automated the workflow and routing? They could implement this in a few days, rather than the months that I would have been looking at for a full AP project?”

The team at Abbe quickly agreed to take this path. 

“Literally that weekend I watched email traffic as the team built this new product,  and a few weeks later we had automated the workflow and removed the bottleneck of paper from the process,” said Alice.

Innovation from emergency

As can often be the case, emergency had spawned innovation and a new product was born. 

A great example of the benefits of a cloud based solution from development to product going live in matter of days. 

The solution enables Abbe to send invoices to an extraction process where the data is captured from the document and used to route the invoice to the appropriate resource. All invoices are checked for spend limit and this ensures that only invoices that have been fully authorised are sent for coding into GP.  

“I couldn’t believe how quickly they put the product together and got it implemented. I was so impressed with how responsive the team was”, says Mariee Gallo, AP Manager at Abbe.

Making a difference

“Everybody loves it. Once COVID hit, the amount of work needed in order to do the processing was just not sustainable. The other big factor was that, once we couldn’t walk around the office to see where the piles of paper were, we were flying blind. This solution gives us full visibility of what is where.”

“We had some initial challenges from a staff point perspective, but I can tell you that everyone from Anthony the MD down loves the product. The ability to know exactly where everything is at any time is so beneficial to the business.” 

"New features have been added to extend this visibility to allow us to create a URL link to the document and include this in the posting of the invoice in GP. This means that from GP I can click the link and see the invoice image, and that is amazing.”

Abbe are grateful to Toshiba for introducing them to Redmap, and with the solution that has been built for them. It’s been a great three-way partnership and one that has made a real difference to the Abbe business.

As Mariee Gallo sums up: “We really can’t imagine life without it.”  



Abbe Corrugated
23-49 Maffra St,
Coolaroo, VIC, 3048
P: 03 9301 8800 

P: 1300 378 836


TOSHIBA (Australia) Pty Limited
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road,
North Ryde, NSW, 2113
P:1300 794 202

New Zealand
32 Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington,
Auckland, New Zealand 
P: 09 570 8530

PPK bnr 

Success Story

Customer: PPK Group Limited (Ltd) 

Country: Australia

Industry: Mining 

Challenge: Finance team was wasting a lot time due to enquiries from vendors and other departments.

Solution: Kōdo AP Cloud (Powered by Redmap)


The Client 

PPK Mining Equipment are part of an ASX listed public company PPK Group Limited (PPK), which was established in 1994. PPK are focused on growing and investing in innovative technologies including; Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT), commercialisation of high-performance batteries, ballistic armour for commercial and military use, as well as world class mining technology.

PPK Mining Equipment currently have several operations based in New South Wales including; Port Kembla just south of Wollongong, Tomago in Newcastle and Singleton, North West of Newcastle, with all finance functions running from the Brisbane Head Office. 


The Challenge

PPK process up to 1,500 invoices per month and using Accounts Payable (AP) software Pronto Xi. The majority of the Purchase Orders that PPK raise are inventory items to manufacture the BNNT.

Each of PPK’s locations are responsible for ordering and receipting of their purchases. The HO Finance team is then responsible for the entry and payment of the invoices associated with these purchases. This resulted in a lot of back and forth between the business units/locations, which PPK considered a wasted effort.

“I was tired of listening to my Finance team answering calls from vendors/staff members asking about invoices. It was a total waste of our time following up invoices that had not been processed due to discrepancies or digging out copies of historic invoices for the purchasing department. I had previously run a small project with Redmap while at a prior employer and knew that there was a better way”, Fiona Wilson, Group Financial Controller, PPK.


The Solution 

Kōdo AP Cloud (Powered By Redmap) was implemented at PPK to meet their requirements. The solution allowed PPK to process both Purchase Order (PO) and Non-PO invoices straight out-of-the box.
Invoices are sent to a dedicated email address for invoice processing, the data is automatically extracted, and the extracted data is then used to determine if the invoice is automatically posted or sent to someone for their approval. Once posted, a link is automatically created to the source document, for ease of downloading in the future.
Fiona continued, “I was impressed with how far the software had come. I am a huge believer in standardised software offerings and Kōdo AP Cloud (Powered By Redmap) fit the bill perfectly. I chose to change a few of our processes to fit to their standard practices and this means that our implementation was both cost effective and very fast."


The Result 

Prior to the implementation, PPK’s Finance would handle every invoice, often multiple timesbefore processing them. Post Kōdo AP Cloud implementation, the team now handles less than 5% of all invoices processed, with the outliers only needing human intervention as they contain an error. The AP software allows the Finance team to automatically refer these invoices back to the responsible purchasing division for investigation or variance approval.
The Finance team has been both more efficient and effective thanks to Kōdo AP Cloud. The End of Month close for Accounts Payable has been significantly reduced and more monthly analysis has been able to be achieved by the team. Retrieving copies of historical invoices is now done with a push of a button, with all invoices now stored electronically in one convenient location.
“Invoices are literally flying around the business and my team are almost never touching them”, said Fiona. “Being able to see where all invoices are at any one time, across 3 different locations, is something that I could never have achieved without considerable effort from my team. I cannot imagine ever having to process them manually again. I am taking it everywhere I go, I love it.”


PPK Group Limited 
10 Eagle St, 
Brisbane, QLD, 4000
P: 07 3054 4500


P: 1300 378 836


TOSHIBA (Australia) Pty Limited
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road,
North Ryde, NSW, 2113
P:1300 794 202

New Zealand
32 Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington,
Auckland, New Zealand 
P: 09 570 8530


jg home bnr 

Success Story

Customer: JG King Homes

Country: Australia

Industry: Construction

Challenge: Increasing pressure and burnout on AP team due to amount of invoices to process and difficult to maintain staff.

Solution: Kōdo AP Cloud (Powered By Redmap)


The Client 

John G. King started building homes in 1985 under the JG King Homes banner. His strategy was an innovative one – pioneer a new standard of home building and do so exclusively with steel frames from BlueScope steel. The JG King 50-year structural warranty is something no other volume builder in Victoria offers.

Since then JG King has built more than 20,000 homes, won countless awards and, most importantly, collaborated with ten’s of thousands of families to build their dream homes. JG King employs approximately 400 employees in its endeavours and process 10,000 to 13,000 invoices per month.

For over 6 years JG King has printed those invoices out on their fleet of 55 Toshiba multi-function devices.


The Challenge

“We are a big business that was, in some ways, operating the same way as when John started it back in 85. There were countless opportunities to better leverage technology to gain efficiencies in the business and I identified the AP process as one such opportunity”, Angelo Tsagarakis, Chief Operating Officer, JG King. 

JG King had seen their AP team bloat to 16 heads and growing pre-automation and there were two main challenges with this.

“There was so much pressure on the team to process invoices that we were finding it difficult to keep people employed in the role. What was driving this pressure was requirement to comply with the Security of Payments Act, which essentially means that if we don’t query an invoice within 7 days, we have accepted it and it is due. 

“My team was burning out and it was not uncommon to see them there at nights and weekends at period end. As a leader I felt it my responsibility to solve the problem if not from a financial capacity in my role at JG King, but also from a human element”, continued Angelo.

JG King accepted proposals from 4 vendors to automate their AP process and went through an extensive selection process. Kōdo AP Cloud (Powered By Redmap) was selected.

“Their sales process was one of the reasons I endorsed the offering”, Matthew Thornton,  Chief Information Officer, JG King. “They took their time to understand our requirements before even accepting our offer to submit a proposal. They were transparent as to the risks they saw in the project and pushed back on some of our requirements. It was clear that they had done this before and that provided me great comfort given that it would be my responsibility to deliver this project to the business.”


The Solution 

JG King use two applications to manage their business, as it pertains to the payables process. Purchase Orders and the management of the Job Costing is performed in Workflow Management Suite (WMS) and the invoices are posted into Timberlink ERP. The data is transferred between the systems via a middleware product called InSynergy.
At the core of all AP automation projects is a need to use data from the invoice to manage its approval in the business. To that end, Kōdo AP Cloud extracts the data from the invoice, checks this data against the PO’s in WMS via InSynergy and based on this either posts the invoice directly to Timberlink (again via InSynergy) or sends it to a resource for their approval.
“Our implementation was part product implementation and part software development given the complexity in the business created by the multiple solutions that we use. It was further complicated by the fact that we are essentially 4 different businesses inside one business, with very different requirements”, said Angelo.
One such complexity in the business is the management of invoices that are to be re-billed to other parties. On a job site it is not uncommon to see damage caused by a sub-contractor and these costs are re-billed to them, the brick layer broke the vanity for example.
Kōdo AP Cloud integrated the AR function of re-billing into the AP process to ensure that these costs were re-couped. Invoices that have a re-billing component are sent to a further workflow to give the Finance team visibility to those invoices and also to raise the appropriate claims.
“I was really impressed with their project delivery. Change is hard and they held our hand throughout it all. Whether it was pro-actively identifying issues or acting as a sounding board to bounce ideas off, Redmap and Toshiba really were our partner in this process”, said Angelo.


The Result 

JG King provided their field resources with a fleet of iPads to allow them to approve invoices on the fly and the results speak for themselves. Invoices are now processed in close to real time, the Finance team have complete visibility over the process and $750K of cost benefit has been driven to the bottom line, yearly.
“This project is a source of great pride for my team. Whilst it was really hard at times, and much of that was our own internal challenges, I smile when I think of how far we have come. I knew that there were significant head count savings in automation and so as my staff left the business via natural attrition, I employed temp staff to re-fill the vacated positions. This gave me great flexibility as we started to go live business unit by business unit.
“The team in the field, the ones that we gave iPads to, used to drive into the Port Melbourne office from as far away as Ballarat to approve their invoices. Now they just get an email and do it on the spot.
“We have dramatically improved our Vendor relations and the team have not had to report to work on the weekend for years. Removing $750K worth of costs from the business didn’t hurt either”, concluded Angelo


JG King Homes 
261 Salmon St
Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207
P: 03 9686 3344 

P: 1300 378 836


TOSHIBA (Australia) Pty Limited
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road,
North Ryde, NSW, 2113
P:1300 794 202

New Zealand
32 Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington,
Auckland, New Zealand 
P: 09 570 8530

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