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  1. Sarina Russo

    Sarina Russo talks about her experience setting up 96 offices within 12 weeks with Toshiba Managed Services.

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  2. Retail Distribution

    Hellers NZ's Butcher

    In the past, Hellers had bought label printers and laser printers required for their factory operations out-right, and paid additional fees to a service provider for support and maintenance of the fleet.

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  3. Logistics

    Dobbies Garden Centres

    Clear and easy to read labelling is a major factor in the creation of a high quality customer experience

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  4. Health


    Uniting began working with Toshiba three years ago, when they were looking for a solution that would help them digitise more than 100 years of hardcopy archives, with the aim of transitioning to a completely digital model of storing records. Toshiba were able to offer a solution that would scan documents and convert them to PFD, Word and Excel files, and this is when the business relationship began.

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  5. Kagome Australia

    Kagome has been able to reduce expenditure relating to their print devices through the consolidation of their fleet to one service provider, reduced toner use and a reduction in service requirements. They have also experienced streamlined service and billing through the managed service.

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  6. Construction

    Breen Holdings

    Through Toshiba’s solution, Breen Holdings have been able to reduce expenditure relating to their phone service by 22 percent.

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  7. Construction

    Logan Glass

    The IT system and ongoing support provided by Toshiba has significantly enhanced the IT environment at Logan Glass.

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  8. Health

    Family Planning New Zealand

    Family Planning New Zealand provide a range of services, including sexual and reproductive health information, education and training, clinical services and research.

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  9. Retail Distribution

    Drakes Supermarket

    Toshiba delivers improved POS transactions with Toshiba TCxWave

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  10. Construction

    Maverick Welding

    Implementing Toshiba's solution has seen us achieve 90 percent reduction in costs of printing

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  11. Government

    Moreland City Council

    When Moreland City Council looked to improve its print environment they chose Toshiba Australia's Managed Print Service (MPS) over other participating vendors listed on the Victorian State Government's Purchase Contracts (SPC) panel following an extensive and competitive tender process.

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  12. Retail Distribution

    O'Brien Glass

    O’Brien required a large print fleet to service their national network of 69 locations. The arrangement with their previous supplier included multiple devices on several separate agreements and no uniformity, with up to 20 different device models across the fleet.

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  13. Health

    Qscan Group

    Toshiba Australia created a bespoke solution for Qscan Group, incorporating both software and hardware, with outstanding results.

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  14. Education

    St Mary of the Cross Catholic Primary

    All schools are faced with the need to keep documentation on each student for at least 7 years and in some cases, indefinitely. Principal Leon Colla wanted to break new ground and implement a first class document management system from the outset.

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  15. Education

    Tara College

    Having 20 buildings spread over a large campus, it was critical that the new MFDs be located in key strategic areas close to the teaching staff and students.

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  16. Hospitality

    Maroochy RSL

    Since moving to a Managed Service with Toshiba, Maroochy RSL have been able to reduce print related expenditure by more than 20 percent.

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  17. Education

    Thomas Hassall Anglican College

    Since Thomas Hassall Anglican College moved to a Toshiba Managed Service (TMS) in March 2013, they have revolutionised the way staff and students use print and document management technology within the College, and have reduced related expenditure by more than 50 percent.

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  18. Education

    Maranatha Christian School

    As providers of high quality education and focused on enabling each student to achieve individual excellence, they have been "leaders in Christian education" for over 40 years.

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  19. Education

    Donvale Christian College

    An independent Christian school with a prestigious reputation

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  20. Retail Distribution

    Grays Online

    In 2012, Grays went to market, looking to update their entire print fleet.

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