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Aged Care

Aged Care has been very much in the spotlight in recent years and has been recognised as an essential service that needs to deliver care to the very highest standards. Whether that is in the community, or in a residential setting, carers are committed to delivering a service that enhances the quality of life of our eldest citizens.

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Solutions for Aged Care



Toshiba Aged Care personalised care

Personalised care

Every aged care resident, or recipient of a home care package, has different needs. As a provider, you want to be able to deliver a personalised service that meets each individual’s requirements. To do so, you need clear and readily accessible resident information. Digitised resident records, accessible from any device, any location, helps to deliver truly tailored care.



Government regulations and requirements have become compulsory to ensure high quality care for residents in Aged Care settings. For example, the reporting of assaults to police and Department of Health and the requirement to deliver a minimum number of care minutes per resident per day. Digitised records, updated on the go from mobile devices, help to ensure, and prove, you are meeting these regulations.

Toshiba Aged Care compliance


Toshiba Aged Care visitor management

Visitor management

For those in a residential facility, having family and friends to visit contributes significantly to quality of life. But ease of visitor access has to be balanced with the safety and security of all residents. Tracking visitors and using digital data and automated processes for checking in and out, and using digital signage to provide information and wayfinding reduces staff time needed to manage visitors, without compromising security.


Staff rostering

Your staff are the very heart of your service, and it’s essential to have the right staff, delivering the right service at the right time. Whether they are working with the elderly in a residential setting, or providing care in the home, digitised records and automated processes will help to ensure you always have the right staffing levels to deliver quality care.

Toshiba Aged Care staff rosters


Toshiba Aged Care records

Records and privacy

Resident records hold sensitive personal and private information. It is essential that this is kept secure, only accessible by those with the right levels of authorisation to view and/or update it. There are strict requirements about how long personal data is kept, and in what format. Toshiba’s information management tools enable you to efficiently manage authorisation, access and archive sensitive data.


Efficient management

Supporting your care delivery are a whole range of operational processes, including admissions, purchasing, invoicing, , personnel management, facility maintenance and services. Streamlining these for maximum efficiency supports your service and frees up more staff time to spend with residents.

Toshiba Aged Care efficient management


Toshiba Aged Care asset management

Asset management

Running a residential facility involves managing not just people, but a range of valuable assets - from beds to medications to IT devices. Keeping track of them digitally - with barcode labelling and scanning - will save you time and protect your assets.


Controlling and reducing waste

All businesses want to reduce their environmental footprint, and aged care is no different. Paper can be a big contributor, and being able to reduce it, using digital technologies such as managed print queues, enforceable print rules, print tracking and chargeback can significantly enhance your sustainability profile.

Toshiba Aged Care reduce waste


Individual support

Resident records easily accessible for personalised care.

Environmental responsibility

Increase sustainability with reduced paper and printing.

Regulatory compliance

Stay on top of new and changing regulations for the aged care sector.


Keep sensitive patient records secure and in line with legislative demands.

Staff productivity

Streamlined processes mean less staff time on operations, and more with residents.

Visitor management

Ensure quality of life for residents by making it easy to visit.


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Uniting Case Study

Customer: Uniting

 Country: AUS

Industry: Not-For-Profit / Healthcare


Uniting is one of the largest not-for-profit community service providers in NSW and the ACT. Based on Christian values, they provide services in the areas of aged care and disability, community services and chaplaincy, and they get involved in social justice and advocacy issues that impact the people they serve. 

Uniting has been providing services to the community for more than 100 years. They have more than 8,000 staff members, who work across a large network of locations.


"Toshiba were a natural choice for us in looking for a solution to process our client surveys, due to the level and quality of service we have come to expect and receive from their products and services,”

- Kay Freudenstein-Hayes, Quality Risk and Compliance Manager at Uniting

Uniting began working with Toshiba three years ago, when they were looking for a solution that would help them digitise more than 100 years of hardcopy archives, with the aim of transitioning to a completely digital model of storing records. Toshiba were able to offer a solution that would scan documents and convert them to PFD, Word and Excel files, and this is when the business relationship began.

More recently, Uniting were planning to run important customer feedback surveys across the business and began looking for an efficient way of processing a large number of survey responses from clients. They needed to capture a large amount of data, including quantitative (circled responses) and qualitative data (written responses).

Kay Freudenstein-Hayes, Quality Risk and Compliance Manager at Uniting, said that they had a tight time-frame to work with and approached Toshiba, based on their existing relationship with them.

“At Uniting we pride ourselves on the services we provide to our customers, users and community.  Surveys are an important tool for us to gauge the quality and effectiveness of our services. We had already experienced Toshiba’s level of expertise with data scanning software, through their implementation of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and PDF/A functions on our existing multifunction devices (MFDs).  Toshiba were a natural choice for us in looking for a solution to process our client surveys, due to the level and quality of service we have come to expect and receive from their products and services,” said Kay.


Toshiba were able to offer a solution incorporating information auto-extraction, capture and collation, which would work with the existing hardware in place at Uniting. The solution can scan survey response documents to capture the data, and includes text recognition to translate handwritten comments into digital text.

“From our first contact regarding this project, Toshiba was able to demonstrate the depth of their experience in this field and provide us with the requisite level of support and guidance. We received expert advice regarding our specific requirements with keen insights and recommendations based on industry best practice. The Toshiba technical team actively partnered us in the project and worked direct with our other external specialists to provide well-thought-through solutions,” said Kay.


As this was a simple addition of software, there was no disruption to the normal, daily functioning of business at Uniting. Toshiba installed the software and ran some testing with Uniting in preparation for processing the survey responses.

As the software was put in place under a tight time-frame, there was little time for extensive testing and there were teething issues when Uniting began to process the survey responses through the system.

Edith Chow, Project Officer for the Client Feedback Survey at Uniting, said that she was impressed by the support she received in working through these issues.

“Toshiba provided excellent support whenever we needed to iron out practical issues. They were easy to get hold of, communicated clearly, were fast at providing assistance and always kept us up to date. I can’t speak highly enough of the support team,” said Edith.


Uniting has a solution in place that largely automates the process of capturing and translating the information on their client feedback surveys.  The solution allowed Uniting to immediately begin analysing the results, rather than manually collating and inputting the data.

“The solution proved to be particularly proficient at capturing and translating quantitative data and made for an efficient way to collect this data. The text recognition component was less accurate but did speed up the process of collecting this information. We are hoping that we can refine this component for added efficiency in future survey processing,” said Edith

Uniting is pleased that they have a solution that could be added to existing infrastructure and alleviate the requirement for human resources in processing their feedback surveys.

“Toshiba recommended a solution that was value for money, fit for purpose and provided great efficiency gains for our survey automation process. We can now focus on analysing the results of our surveys and translating them quickly and effectively into service improvements. We look forward to expanding this service across Uniting,” said Kay.


“The support we have received from Toshiba has been excellent and we have complete faith in their desire to work with us to optimise our solution in the long term. They have demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction, which we really value”
- Edith Chow, Project Officer

Toshiba is committed to working with Uniting to improve the outcomes of their solution to process surveys. Uniting has confidence in the business relationship and feels well supported by the team at Toshiba.

“The support we have received from Toshiba has been excellent and we have complete faith in their desire to work with us to optimise our solution in the long term. They have demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction, which we really value”, concluded Edith.

Level 4, 222 Pitt Street 
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

1800 864 846


Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd 
Bldg C, 12-24 Talavera Rd 
North Ryde, NSW 2113 Australia

1300 794 202



Success Story

Customer: HammondCare

Country: Australia

Industry: Healthcare

HammondCare is regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative health and aged care providers. It provides hospital care, residential care and community services throughout NSW.

HammondCare operates across 15 locations, including 4 hospitals. HammondCare has over 2,500 staff; one third of them work within its hospitals..

The Challenge


HammondCare had a large print fleet operating within the hospitals arm of its business. The contract on the fleet was coming to an end, the equipment had become out of date, unreliable and the costs associated were high and variable.

“My staff were spending a great deal of time managing machines that had become unreliable, the service we were receiving from our provider was less than ideal and we certainly weren’t receiving value for money,” said Rob Binskin, CIO at HammondCare.

Rob decided it was time to look at overhauling the fleet and went to market looking for a new solution.

“It was definitely time to research the market and find a more efficient and economical solution. As part of the process we looked at all kinds of options. It was Toshiba who suggested we look at a Managed Print Service (MPS) arrangement,” said Rob.

HammondCare had been a client of Toshiba’s for about 12 months, with a number of Toshiba’s devices within other areas of their business. Neil McLeod, the Toshiba Account Manager who looks after HammondCare said, that there were obvious complexities in managing the old fleet within it hospitals.

“HammondCare didn’t have a good picture of how the print devices within its hospitals were being used. It had 54 devices with 14 different models within the fleet. The management of this wide variety of devices was demanding on valuable IT resources and it was a challenge to keep on top of the amount of consumable items required. In addition, costs were variable month to month making it difficult to anticipate ongoing expenditure,” said Neil.

The Toshiba Approach

“We have more than halved our costs and with absolutely no loss of functionality. In fact, we have gained functionality through the new equipment, software and up-to-date technology,”

– Rob Binskin, CIO

Toshiba conducted a print discovery for HammondCare over a three month period, to get a good picture of its actual usage and associated costs across the fleet. This helped to formulate the best solution for HammondCare’s needs.

“We wanted to help HammondCare reduce operating costs, optimise usage, improve print output and simplify device management, billing and reporting,” said Neil McLeod from Toshiba.

The new solution included optimising some of the existing printers and replacing the older, unreliable equipment with 16 new Toshiba Multifunction devices (MFD’s) and 20 Lexmark printers. Toshiba incorporated software to assist HammondCare in reducing paper wastage through enforced printing rules, and provided tools to allow it to monitor device usage on an ongoing basis.

The solution is entirely inclusive, providing HammondCare with the equipment, software, consumables, service and support at a fixed monthly cost.

“Toshiba was already a trusted business partner. Its proposal provided everything we would need on a single monthly bill and would allow us to reduce our costs considerably. It was on this basis that we chose to move ahead with Toshiba to manage the print needs within our hospitals,” said Rob.

The Transition

Toshiba worked closely with HammondCare staff to make the implementation for the new solution as smooth as possible.

“Toshiba took care of everything, from the removal of old equipment, to the implementation of the new and training staff to use the new machines and software. The change was well received and I did not receive any negative feedback. It was really down to Neil and his team managing the whole process well and working efficiently with HammondCare’s people to ensure the best outcome,” said Rob.

Since the implementation of the Toshiba MPS solution, HammondCare has been able to reduce its costs by more than half.

“We have more than halved our costs and with absolutely no loss of functionality. In fact, we have gained functionality through the new equipment, software and up-to-date technology,” said Rob.

HammondCare now has a single point of contact for the service and support of its fleet. Scheduled servicing and the ordering of consumables are now automated and the equipment is more reliable, which is freeing up resources.

HammondCare has confidence in its partnership with Toshiba and the outlook is very positive.

“The relationship I have with our account manager Neil is great and if I ever need anything, he works with us to find out exactly what we require and he delivers every time. It just seems to be a very professional relationship. If we can maintain the quality of the equipment, the high level of service and the value for money, I can see our partnership with Toshiba continuing well into the future,” said Rob.

The Outlook

Toshiba takes its MPS partnerships and their ongoing success seriously, which is why periodic reviews are built into all agreements. These reviews allow clients to review how the MPS solution is working for their business and to get support from Toshiba to make improvements when necessary.

“The review process has been very helpful and allows us to work together in optimising our solution on an ongoing basis. A past review enabled us to identify some equipment that was being over used.

We were able to relocate and add equipment to accommodate the print volumes in that area, in a way that did not affect our ongoing costs. That was a really good outcome for us,” said Rob.

“My team no longer spend valuable time managing our printers and MFD’s. The service and support we are receiving from Toshiba is excellent and it is now the one thing that I don’t have to worry about,” continued Rob.

“I am very happy with the single monthly invoice, which is a fixed price for all of the needs relating to the print fleet, and I believe that we are getting excellent value for money,” added Rob.


Level 2, 447 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000 

Telephone 1300 426 666

Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd 
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road 
North Ryde NSW 2113

Telephone 1300 794 202

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