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Secure Print

Secure printing ensures that sensitive documents remain confidential until the intended recipient is present. This can involve the use of PIN codes, passwords, or card authentication to verify the identity of the user initiating the print job.

In addition, secure printing can restrict printing to specific devices or locations, safeguarding sensitive information and minimising the risk of data breaches.

Toshiba offers two secure print solutions,  the cloud based e-BRIDGE Global Print and on premise server-less Multi-Station Print. Check them out below.

Secure print

e-BRIDGE Global Print

What is e-BRIDGE Global Print?

Discover the ease of printing seamlessly across different devices and locations using e-BRIDGE Global Print. Utilising cloud printing, your documents are effortlessly transmitted and securely delivered to compatible devices, enabling you to complete your printing tasks from any location you're working from. 


Benefits of e-BRIDGE Global Print

  • Print anytime, anywhere to any device
  • Authenticate with the latest security standards
  • Retrieve documents securely when needed
  • Escape the burden of network-centric models
  • Remove the cost of on-premises print servers
  • Easily track and audit printing
  • Ensure top-level security compliance
  • Elevate collaboration through printing efficiency
  • Print on the go with support from our expert team
  • Hosted in Australian Data Centres

 Multi-Station Print

What is Multi-Station Print?

Toshiba e-Bridge Next MFDs include the 'Multi-Station Print' software, enabling printing from any accessible MFD without the need for a dedicated server. This capability supports printing from up to 50 MFDs across diverse locations, even across different floors on the same network. 


Benefits of Multi-Station Print

  • Serverless printing solution
  • Make last-minute changes to print settings
  • Re-print previous jobs
  • Minimise time to print 
  • Eliminate server maintenance costs
  • Supports up to 50 different MFDs
  • Release prints at non peak times
  • Authenticate at your printer of choice
  • Safely release prints with pin or card
  • Shared devices amongst departments



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