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Refurbished printers and photocopiers for sale - Enquire now & Save up to 50%*

Toshiba offers businesses an economical solution for obtaining reliable, high-performance printing and digitisation capabilities.

Refurbished printers are serviced and reconditioned by master manufacturer-trained technicians, and customers can choose to purchase, lease, or rent the devices.

Every device is protected by Toshiba's five-year quality satisfaction guarantee and is supported by a nationwide network of mobile technicians.

This ensures that businesses can obtain the same quality and dependability as with new devices, at a much lower cost.

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By refurbishing MFDs, we are able to reduce waste and ensure we are all doing our bit for the environment.

Photocopiers sales

If you are looking to rent, lease, or purchase outright, the flexibility is yours.

Toshiba provides best-in-class used, second hand, refurbished photocopiers and Multi-Function Devices (MFDs).

With a wide selection of refurbished A3 MFDs available, the offering can be tailored to any business size.

These MFDs also bring digitisation to the forefront, making it easy to print, connect and collaborate. And you'll soon discover the power of digital workflows and automation solutions.

For more information or to request a quote, simply fill in these details and we will be in touch to help start your journey to improved efficiency.

Get an MFD that’s been restored, recreated and reimagined, without compromising quality.

Purchase or lease to get an instant asset write off


To begin the rebuild, the removal of parts, clean and inspection takes place. All parts are thoroughly checked and parts fitted as necessary.


Each area is checked off by manufacturer trained technicians, with thorough testing and changes when needed.


The updated, refurbished device fits straight into your workplace - with ongoing support and 3 year satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for a quality used, second hand and refurbished A3 Multi Function Device? Let’s talk.

Book a call back or contact a friendly Toshiba specialist on 1300 794 202 (Option 1).

* Save up to 50% on the price of a new device.

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