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Knowing the end use or application of your labels is essential. It impacts the choice of face stock, adhesive and liner as well as options for printing and finishing. Here are some of the questions you can expect and how it helps to give you the best possible solution:

  1. Where is the label going and what do you want to achieve?

    • End-use or application establish ideal label stocks and adhesives.
    • Some stocks are not suitable for certain applications but sometimes there will be a range of alternatives.
    • Consider where the label will be applied – what material/substrate
    • Advise your label manufacturer the temperature of both the product and contents during application and use.

  2. What is the size of the label?

    • Labels are quoted in mm as width (across) x length (around).
    • It is important to advise your label manufacturer if the labels are machine applied (like Print and Apply) as it affects print choices.
    • Confirm if the size is critical or flexible so your label manufacturer can match existing die sizes (otherwise a one off Die cost may be applicable)

  3. How many labels do you want or use & over what period of time?

    • Provide a practical range to quote on eg. 5,000/10,000 /20,000.
    • Cost per 1,000 usually decreases as the volume increases.
    • Quoting ranges show where savings can be made.
    • Ensure quote matches supply needs eg. 3 month supply.

  4. How is it being applied?

    • Is label being applied by hand or through a label applicator?
    • This information helps establish the roll direction and backing sheet requirements.

  5. Do you want labels on a roll and what core size?

    • Labels can be supplied as singles, sheeted or on rolls.
    • Different options may result in a different price.
    • Core sizes are 25mm, 38mm and 76mm (or ask).
    • Cores/roll qty is important when machine applied or through printer.

  6. What is the roll direction?

    • Roll directions vary from company to company and needs to be confirmed with your label manufacturer

  7. Is the label going through a printer?

    • Thermal (direct or thermal transfer), laser & dot matrix printers all have special requirements. For example, thermal transfer printing require thermal transfer label substrates where ink can be received from a ribbon.
    • Different label printers need special stock or the labels may not work.

  8. Do you have a sample of your current labels?

    • Current labels can help determine print methods or alternatives.
    • Vital when replicating for machine application or colour matching.

  9. Will I be able to get a sample to check before ordering?

    • Generally press print – no (due to set-up), digital – maybe.
    • Colour proofs provided (refer to colour section)..

  10. What is your budget or current price for labels?

    • Providing current pricing, budget or expectation ensures your label manufacturer take this into consideration when quoting or recommending alternatives.

Content provided by QLM Label Makers, Platinum Toshiba Dealer.

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