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  • Upload scanned documents directly to your box cloud storage at the MFP 
  • Scan to industry standard documents formats including searchable and editable types 
  • Conveniently print documents stored in your box cloud storage direct from the MFP panel 
  • Familiar tablet style interface requires virtually zero training to use 
  • Single sign-on means no need to Authenticate twice 
  • Minimal IT support with embedded on-board processing 
  • No middleware perfect for businesses with off-premise or cloud hosted infrastructure
  • No limit on the number of users or OCR scans

Documents & Resources

e-BRIDGE Application for box User Experience

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e-BRIDGE Plus for Box Link

Supported Models – Toshiba Apps

2016 Models

e-STUDIO 2000AC, 2505AC, 3005AC, 3505AC, 4505AC, 5005AC, 5506AC, 6506AC, 7506AC, 2508A, 5508A, 7508A, 8508A

ECO Models

e-STUDIO 3508LP, 4508LP

2018 Models

e-STUDIO 2010AC, 2515AC, 3015AC, 3515AC, 4515AC, 5015AC, 5516AC,6516AC, 7516AC, 2518A, 5518A, 7518A, 8518A   

2020 Models

e-STUDIO 330AC, 400AC

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