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  • Advanced collaboration ensure document accuracy
  • Scan, approve and search on the go
  • Secure storage and retrieval of business critical assets
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Deliver functionality and flexibility in numerous formats


By deploying an intelligent information management system, organisations can benefit from the quality, integrity and accuracy of their most critical information.

Information management can also be used as a means of controlling risk, ensuring compliance, enabling consistent workflows and operating procedures as well as harmonizing processes. Unlike traditional ECM systems, our digital workplace  allows organizations to manage content and  information regardless of whether that information resides in or other business systems or  repositories. 

Toshiba Kodo Digital Workplace

Intelligent information

Make the move away from paper-based resources

Decentralised data

A centralised, digitised information system to streamline information access throughout the business


Remove tedious, manual tasks by automating business workflows


Seamlessly integrate with your business applications users rely on to get their work done, eliminating duplicate efforts and information silos


Toshiba Digital Workplace Collaboration

Sharing & Collaboration

Whether you need to share documents or collaborate with colleagues, Kōdo Digital Workplace (KDW) keeps everything streamlined and organized to make cooperation and teamwork easier and more efficient ‒ even with partners outside the organization. The advanced collaboration features ensure that there is only one correct version of a document in use; there are no duplicates and no outdated versions. Editing (highlighting, commenting) and approving documents is also simplified. This means that sharing documents in KDW is as easy as a right click.


Embracing the modern office

We no longer all work in the same place, at the same time. By centralising and digitising your document management, knowledge workers can engage with various aspects of the business from anywhere on the globe. By scanning a document on their phone to kick off a workflow process, approve tasks on the go, or just search for a document when and where it is needed, DWS allows your business to move beyond the speed of paper.

Toshiba Digital modern Workplace


Toshiba Digital Workplace Security

Simplify compliance & regulation

Turn something often viewed as a negative into a positive. Compliance expectations are only growing, so if you can ensure that all your documentation is securely stored, accessed and utilised, you will be at a significant advantage over the competition


Eliminate Information Silos

The use of multiple information repositories can often lead to information silos. This happens when information resides within a system that is unable to communicate freely with other systems. For organisations struggling with the proliferation of disconnected information silos, KDWS represents the next generation of intelligent information management.

Toshiba Digital Workplace Information


Toshiba Digital Workplace Security

Protect Confidential Information

In today’s business world, confidential information is everywhere, from customer lists to pricing information to employee information. These are critical business assets that must be handled properly or you risk a security breach. It’s important to keep your content safe while maintaining access. With the easily way to set permissions and automate data security. KDWS’ s Active Directory integration automatically applies organisational changes to individual users as they change roles and tasks



Each company has different tools and systems. The challenge today is implementing seamless solutions that find, control, optimise and protect information created from many sources in different formats DWS will integrate with numerous business applications (CRM & ERP) to deliver functionality and flexibility you need now and in the future.

Toshiba evolving needs


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