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  • Prevent leak of sensitive documents via multi-function devices
  • Monitor all print, scan, copy and fax activity 
  • Specify your secure documents or page content
  • Real-time alerts of security breaches
  • Minimise non-compliance and reputational risk

What is Kōdo Forensics?

Kōdo Forensics help you keep your confidential documents secure. Document leak is a very real issue, and MFDs are a potential route for documents to leave your organisation. With Kōdo Forensics, you can monitor all print, scan, copy and fax activity and be alerted in real time if your sensitive content is shared, outside of your security policy. 

Toshiba prevent document leaks

Kōdo Forensics

Transforming your Information Security


Toshiba prevent document leaks

The risk of document leak

Confidential information leaving your organisation

Document leak is a very real issue, with a quarter of all employees1 having intentionally leaked confidential information to people outside their own organisation. The information is being shared with competitors, or with new or former employers.

Most organisations are aware of the risks of leak via email or document transfer systems and put security measure in place on those platforms. But what many don’t think about as a source of document leak, is their multi-function devices (MFDs). 1 UK figures


MFDs as a source of document leak

Scan, Copy, Print, Fax

Your MFD is a potential route for confidential information to leave your organisation. Documents can be scanned, printed, copied or faxed as a way of sharing with unauthorised or external recipients. 

It therefore makes sense to have information security measures in place for your MFDs, just as you do for your email system

Secure data from your MFD


Data security

Securing your MFDs

Monitor, alert, audit

With Kōdo Forensics, you can track and manage the flow of secure information through your MFDs. You can specify sensitive information, by file name, or specific page content, and then set up alerts to notify when that information is printed, scanned, copied or faxed. 

Monitoring is done ‘silently’ - that is, without being obvious to the user of the MFD. You can see all activity on your devices and a full audit trail of who has done what. You can search for specific activity, by MFD, by file name, by date, user or content. 


Practical application of Kōdo Forensics

Preventative measures and investigation evidence

Kōdo Forensics provides valuable assistance to your internal compliance team, legal council, criminal investigators and litigators. 

Kōdo Forensics helps you to manage compliance with your information security policies, by alerting you to breaches and providing a full record of all activity.

During a merger or acquisition, you can prevent or identify leaks that could be damaging to completing the transaction and to your reputation.
In the case of an investigation into, for example, criminal activity or financial or tax fraud, Kōdo Forensics can provide invaluable evidence to support the proceedings.

Practical applications



Prevent confidential information leaving your organisation


Ensure that your information security policies are enforced


Protect your company from the damage of security breaches


Full audit trail for detailed information


Real-time alerts can prevent document leak


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