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  • Capture and digitise documents from multiple sources
  • Automatically integrate documents into business workflows
  • Collaborate and share documents
  • File and retrieve - store documents securely, find them fast with elastic search
  • Unlock business insights with document analysis


Kōdo Digital Safe is a business transformation solution from Toshiba. It helps you increase productivity by efficiently managing the documents that underpin your business. Business is powered by information and collaboration. It takes place anywhere and everywhere. It relies on insights and analysis. Kōdo Digital Safe gives you the document management tools for today’s demanding business world.  

Toshiba Kodo Digital Safe

Intelligent Inbox

Digitise and classify all documents as they come into your business - no matter what the format or source.

Automated Workflow

Automatically send documents to the right business process workflow.

Secure, compliant storage

Protect your valuable and sensitive data with secure filing. Control and audit access.     

Rapid search and retrieval

Find important business information and documents efficiently, with Elasticsearch. Intelligent search of meta data and content to find what you need, faster. 


Unlock the business insights in your documents. Meaningful analytics help you to evaluate and understand key company data.

Toshiba and ELO 3

Step 1 - Intelligent Inbox

Business documents come in a range of shapes and sizes. Emails, paper documents, scanned documents, PDFs. No matter what the format, Kōdo Digital Safe enables you to capture them rapidly and efficiently. 

You can set up a document taxonomy to suit your business, and manage it via a ‘Windows 10 look and feel’ desktop client. Kōdo Digital Safe will capture the meta data from your documents, and automatically index them using Smart Key wording. 

The Kōdo Digital Safe document repository has the familiarity of Windows File Explorer, making it easy to manage your document filing. The system will take care of version control, tracking and auditing changes to your documents.  Your documents will be securely stored, with access permissions set by you and a full audit of all document access. 


Step 2 - Workflows

Workflows automate business processes for a streamlined business operation. With the Kōdo Digital Safe workflow designer, you can create your own custom workflows and integrate the relevant documents.  

You can design workflows to start approvals and pass them forward through the system; set user permissions; check the processing status; add background activities and make modifications in the case of unexpected events. You control the design; the automation takes care of the rest. 

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Office Integration

Step 3 - Office Integration and Collaboration

Communicate via shared documents

Most businesses need to share documents and collaborate with colleagues, partners and suppliers. The Kōdo Digital Safe solution integrates with Microsoft Outlook, for live communication, and knowledge transfer at the click of a button. You can work on documents with others, adding comments, mentioning colleagues or posting replies. You can subscribe to get notifications, and filter so that you only see the relevant information.  

The information you share is fully secure, auditable and accessible only by authorised users.  


STEP 4 - Search

Find information fast

 With Kōdo Digital Safe’s Elasticsearch, you can tap into company knowledge with flexible search options and powerful tools. Elasticsearch is a ‘Google-like’ search that is familiar, easy to use and very powerful. It will help you find what you need rapidly, for maximum productivity. 

You can expand the scope of the search beyond the Kōdo Digital Safe repository to integrate third party applications such as your ERP, CRM or email system. Our advanced smart search functionality has the ability to include synonyms, custom thesauruses and similar terms. It will optimise the number of results with custom filters, auto-complete the search and even correct your typos. 

Finding invoices


Real time analytics

Step 5 - Analytics

Understand your business performance in seconds

 Within your documents lies a host of valuable business information. With Kōdo Digital Safe, you can tap into knowledge assets, and rapidly evaluate the information they hold. 

Information is shown visually on our intuitive dashboard, giving you a new angle on your company data. The Kōdo Digital Safe dashboard uses Kibana, which adds visual display capability to the data indexed in Elasticsearch. You can use the out-of-the-box reports, or build custom dashboard views, to perfectly match your business requirements. 


Get ahead with mobile solutions

Work on the go, anywhere and everywhere

Today’s work environment isn’t limited to a desk. With our mobile apps, you can take Kōdo Digital Safe wherever your work takes you. You’ll be able to access company information from anywhere, respond immediately and make timely business decisions. 

You no longer need to be in the office to take part in business processes - you can scan and manage documents from your mobile device. You can trigger processes, manage approvals and sign documents - without returning to your desk. You can collaborate with colleagues wherever you, and they, are located.  

Kōdo Digital Safe on your mobile device makes you more productive, saves time and streamlines company processes even further. 

Toshiba and ELO mobile solutions


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