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About ELO Digital

Nothing is more constant than change: Together we can digitise your business processes!

ELO Digital Office develops intelligent software solutions that provide a solid IT backbone for your organisation.

Toshiba and Partners

Toshiba and ELO a great partnership

Businesses rely on documents - invoices, quotes, customer files, plans, appraisals, receipts proposals, and many more essential written records. 

Managing those documents efficiently is essential to running an effective business operation - time spent copying, filing and searching is time you could otherwise be spending on customer facing, or revenue generating activity.  Worse, if documents are lost, or not kept securely your organisation could be in breach of legal regulations. Inefficient document management costs time, money, risk and lost opportunity.  

Digitising your paper-based documents, filing them into meaningful categories and storing them in the one location is a great place to start restoring order. Your documents are at the heart of your business, so you want a world class document management solution. 

That’s why Toshiba has partnered with ELO, the leaders in intelligent information management. We have combined our expertise in OCR and scanning with the world-renowned ELO Digital Office to create the Kōdo Business suite.   

ELO Digital Office provides rule-based workflows to automate your processes  and its powerful Elasticsearch to enable you to find any document with ease. Add in collaboration tools, integration with existing systems and the ability to use it from your desk or out and about, and you have an unbeatable document management system. 

Toshiba's Kōdo Business Suite, built on ELO business software, integrates perfectly with existing systems, ensures efficient digital workflows for all departments, and offers a range of technical add-ons to meet all your requirements.

Toshiba believes in partnership to generate the best outcomes for our clients. With ELO we’ve partnered with the best in digital information management and created a world class solution that will transform your business operations.

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When it comes to digitalising your company processes, ELO sits at the heart of your IT landscape. With ELO, you benefit from intelligent information management throughout your entire organisation.

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Find out more about Toshiba and ELO. You can call us on 1300 794 202 or leave your details and we’ll call you.

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