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Want to understand the future of your industry, but don’t have a crystal ball?

Let Toshiba help, with industry insights.

jpegRead our in-depth research, uncovering the

  • Driving forces
  • Trends
  • Technologies

that will shape the Australian logistics industry over the next five years.

Technology and growth – logistics industry expert Kate Lusk shares her view of the future

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Tell us about your supply chain problem:

What are the symptoms?

We can help you automate data entry tasks such as order forms or AWBs into your various systems to improve accuracy and productivity.

Break free from your paper chains with our business critical filing software for ease of visibility, organised storage and easy retrieval.

Simplifying & automating the consignment notices process, ensures that there are no manual-process errors and reduces processing costs & times.


We can help you with real-time reporting data and automatic invoice receipt which immediately improves cycle times and transparency.


Providing an end-to-end cloud-based POD process – removing paper dockets from the process, using sign-on-glass functionality at the point of delivery, and improving return times.



Toshiba specialises in high speed label printers which put controls in place for batch management, inventory and stock turns and automated product identification.

Managing inventory between points in the supply chain can be vastly improved through use of RFID tags and barcoding.

Speed up your processes with on demand printing and ticketing, hand held scanning and WMS software.

“Hours and hours of work – we’ve now turned into minutes” - see how AWH is using technology to position itself for future growth.

Industry priorities – the big four

Logistics organisations consistently list the following strategic areas as their most pressing priorities.

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