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Let Toshiba assist you with designing and implementing a feature-rich solution that will automate, streamline and digitise time-consuming processes.




Automate your consignment creation 

By delivering a spreadsheet straight into our automation function, you can have consignments created instantly. If you are looking for something more complex and sophisticated, we can also directly interact with your existing systems.

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Digitise the POD process

Drivers can access their POD dockets on their device, then obtain confirmation by way of digital signature, as well as capturing images which can be rapidly routed back to the office for processing, saving significant time and reducing the risk of costly errors.

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Simplify your Invoicing 

We can employ complex logic to determine how to invoice individual clients, and simplify the process down to seconds – reducing the load on staff dramatically.

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Supercharge your information storage

Centralise and digitise your document management – the ability to quickly locate and access business-critical documents will reduce storage costs, make finding a document easy, and will aid with improving compliance.

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Advance inventory management & product identification

Toshiba specialises in high speed label printers which put controls in place for batch management, inventory and stock turns and automated product identification.

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Improve supply chain visibility

Managing inventory between points in the supply chain can be vastly improved through use of RFID tags and barcoding.

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Toshiba innovation recognition for logistics

Keypoint intelligence recognises Toshiba as 2018-2019 logistics pacesetter

“Toshiba’s unmatched portfolio of thermal barcode printers, along with its traditional and industry-recognised MFPs, offer logistics customers a customizable system to tackle any task.”  - Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions Analysis for Keypoint Intelligence.

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Is your Supply Chain Industry 4.0 ready? Find out now.

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Logistics organisations consistently list the following strategic areas as their most pressing priorities.

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