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Improve internal operations

Reach out to your customers

Toshiba AnalyiticsLearn more about your customer's behavior and how to convert that information into sales, enabling you to attract new customers in the process. Toshiba specialists work with you to create an efficient and profitable retail environment, increasing ROI.

Enhance Customer Service

Toshiba OneIn today’s world your customers expect accurate and up-to-date information about your business and your products to be available whenever and wherever they need it. You need systems that you can rely on and which will handle complex workflows at the touch of a button - for the shop floor as well as for the back office.

Communicate with digital signage

Toshiba DisplayEncourage customers to keep coming back with enhanced services and digital messaging. Toshiba can help you find ways to broaden and improve the customer experience. More accessible customer information, better informed sales staff, and high impact digital signage are just some of the ways we can help.

Get the total package with Toshiba One

Toshiba One

Toshiba will help you develop a plan to move from static to dynamic communications, improving customer service and your bottom line. From Auto-ID Label printers to digital signage, Toshiba offers some unique methods to improve your business. 

Here are just some of the ways Toshiba can assist :

  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Barcode Auto Identification & Labeling Systems
  • Telephone & communication systems
  • Print fleet management
  • Dynamic point-of-sale promotions with daily/hourly specials
  • Menu boards that change with day part
  • In-store TV that entertains
  • Interactive kiosks that can help customers find what they’re looking for
  • Self-service kiosks to order online if products are not available in store
  • Notify customers of emergency alerts
  • Interactive "way finding" to direct customers
  • One Solution provider, all under one finance document

With Toshiba One, we can offer a broad range of technologies and services, with one easy to manage partner and invoice. Start off small and we can help you expand as your business grows. Contact us and discuss your options with a Toshiba retail specialist today.

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