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Recruit, onboard and distribute

Improved human resources make for happier employees. Then as you know, streamlined HR management processes save time and money.

Effective employee recruitment

Toshiba tracking
Improve employee recruitment by gaining instant access to essential information such as resumes, applications and background checks. Share information with managers and recruiters. Track the progress of each candidate from application to hiring.

Streamlined on boarding


Automate and streamline new employee on boarding. New hire paperwork is directly linked to the appropriate electronic personnel record, along with any other pertinent documents. It's also easier for HR staff to collect all the necessary documentation, thanks to powerful document management and workflow features.

Enhanced employee resources


Give your employees easy access to authorised digital assets and electronic documents from their own personnel files while limiting confidential details. Powerful, user-friendly ECM software seamlessly integrates with your own HR portals. 

Make contact to increase the capabilities of your HR system.


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