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Solutions to Simplify the Legal Process

Keep your legal processes in order. Enlist Toshiba Managed Services to keep your important documentation and information up to date, easily accessible and secure

Simplify Mergers and Acquisitions

Toshiba Accounting

Shorten response times for information requests and do so securely. During and after mergers, acquisitions and exit planning, we can help you reduce the time and costs associated with manual, paper-driven documentation. We can even help you reduce or eliminate the cost, hassle or need for off-site document storage.

Streamline Your Client Files

Toshiba Solutions

Streamlining document-centric processes associated with legal client files can be challenging. Let us help you by implementing a matter management system. Make a noticeable difference in your staff’s ability to quickly respond and prepare for litigation with these efficiency improvements.

Simplify the Litigation Process

Maintaining, distributing and tracking large volumes of documents associated with litigation activities can be challenging. Toshiba makes it easier. Our team will design capture-and-collaboration workflows that simplify the process while also increasing security.

Access Data Instantly

Toshiba LegalWhen it comes to risk management, gaining immediate access to precise information is essential.  Our content management technologies provide the immediate retrieval of specific data from any supporting document. 

Manage Your Content and Meet Regulatory Demands

Toshiba LegalWith Toshiba’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, you can improve your legal compliance efforts and records and information management policies. Our powerful solutions allow you to safely, securely, and effectively manage the lifecycle of your business content. 

Save on Printing Costs

Toshiba Cost Savings

Toshiba’s team will help your law firm save up to 40% on printing costs. With our Managed Print Services, you will never have to own another printer. Pay only when you print and print less - saving you paper, toner, time and money. With a thorough analysis of your current printing environment, we can uncover hidden opportunities for savings and help you implement them throughout your law firm.

Going Green at your Firm

Making your firm take a greener stance starts with the help of Toshiba’s specialists. Our green manufacturing, eco-friendly software, Eco-MFD and programs make us a leader in environmental responsibility.

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