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Upgrade your organisational efficiency by “Unlocking” further capabilities in your business.

Do things you've never done


The ability to manage your documents and information quickly, efficiently and effectively has moved beyond paper. 

Toshiba has developed a number of different scalable options that get your document (and most importantly, the information) where it needs to be, whether these documents start as paper or are already digital.

Capture paper-based documents via a number of different methods:
  • Smartphone-enabled applications allow you to digitise and retrieve the information you need anywhere, anytime. 
  • Use a Toshiba Multi-Function Device to scan batches of paper documents and file them exactly where they need to be, automatically.

Make your information available rapidly to keep your organisation moving.

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As a concept, workflow is quite simple - approvals will always have to be sought; documents will always have to be routed to different people for different tasks; files will need to be shifted from one part of an organisation to another.

Toshiba’s workflow capabilities give you the power to digitise and automate these tasks. Route different tasks to different approvers. Invoices can be processed by different end users according to value. Monitor where different tasks are sitting, and give yourself operational visibility.

We can work with you to create and improve processes that speed up day-to-day operations, and most importantly, give you and you staff their time back.

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Once the information has been Captured and utilised in a Workflow, it needs to go somewhere. How an organisation stores its documents is crucial. 

Moving past the inefficiencies of paper-storage is key to unlocking your document management potential. You cannot let your organisation continue to run at the speed of paper. 

When documents are stored, you can often lose sight of where they are. Important files can be accidentally deleted from a shared folder structure. Multiple copies are being worked on simultaneously. Retrieving documents from archives can be laborious and frustrating. 

Toshiba has a range of storage offerings that can be configured specifically to your needs. Having control of your storage allows you the freedom to save time and resources that can be used elsewhere to add more value to your organisation. 

A digital filing cabinet fixes these issues. 

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Having access to important documents and information quickly can put organisations at a significant advantage over their competition.

Document retrieval times are often the measure of operational efficiency.  Toshiba software products allow your organisation to access documents quickly, securely, and most importantly, anywhere and anytime.

Ensure that your teams can quickly recall business-critical documents, rather than having to climb through filing cabinets. Set approval levels to ensure that only the right staff can see what they need. 

Mobilise your workforce, as the documents (especially with the available mobile applications) are instantly available in the global office. 

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