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Toshiba One Education

Sadly, the steady tightening of budgets and a growing demand for resources have challenged schools to do more with less, putting extra pressure on education systems.

That’s where we come in. We understand that schools like yours have their own set of challenges and opportunities and as a result, need a customised solution that is designed specifically to optimise your internal processes.

We offer a complete technology solution. More than a supplier, Toshiba is a partner. We take the time to understand your business at every level.

We call this Toshiba One.


We can help ease the burden by

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safeguarding privacy
  • Managing massive amounts of electronic documentation
  • Quick search and access to school records
  • Monitoring school-related print cost to prevent abuse of printing privileges
  • Efficient and convenient data transmission
  • Improving communications on campus


MobilityOur Cloud and Mobility solutions enable mobile users to access information anytime, anywhere. Content can be created, accessed, shared and printed through a cloud storage application.


IT Manager

Most ICT departments have to deal with multiple vendors that don’t integrate with the current systems. Toshiba solves this problem by supplying all of your hardware and customising solutions that integrate with the leading school management systems.This is all backed by industry leading service, security and support.


Toshiba and the environment

environmentToshiba is committed to playing a leading role in helping establish a sustainable society. Our environmental initiatives include, Toner Recycling program ‘close the loop’, Printer Recycling program ‘ANZRP’ Toshiba's Eco MFD. The world’s first Multi-Function printer with erasable toner, reducing your carbon footprint by up to 50% and paper usage by up to 80% 

Administration Office

Toshiba Education We know your tasks can vary widely on a day-to-day basis; from  printing school banners, laminating posters - the list goes on! We can help make your life easier with intuitive easy to use products. No need for constant training. Toshiba can also provide exclusive waterproof, laminate free banner paper for resilient, high impact banner printing.

Business Manager

We understand business managers need to keep revenue up and costs down. By offering comprehensive print and solution managed services that reduce costs and improve efficiency, Toshiba can Supply all your school's hardware, solutions and service needs


Improve your communications with Toshiba display panels, by keeping students up to date with the latest announcements. Simplify purchasing through point-of-sale terminals allowing students to pay for items using their student ID.


Toshiba swipe card technology allows students and staff to authenticate and print/scan security and conveniently.The implementation of Barcode & Asset tracking solutions will bring your library management to an unprecedented level of sophistication. This will alleviate significant administration load, allowing your staff & students to make the most of this valuable resource.



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