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Toshiba B-EP2 barcode label printer

Ideal for most portable applications, these 2 inch mobile printers are compact and light yet rugged enough to meet the needs of today’s demanding applications. Receipts or labels can be dropped in with one hand, and it's large capacity means changing media less frequently, with no cores required on the rolls, so minimal waste. Perfect for barcode labelling in the warehouse, labelling on the shop floor, printing prescriptions on hospital wards or issuing tickets on the move.

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Driver Version Operating System File Size  
TPCL 2018.1 M-3 Windows 7 32-64 Bit 45MB Download
SAP _001.000 Unix Filter 3MB Download
TPCL 2018.1 M-3 Windows 8 32-64 Bit 45MB Download
TPCL 2018.1 M-3 Windows 10 32-64 Bit 45MB Download
TPCL 2018.1 M-3 Windows Server 2008 32-64 Bit 45MB Download
TPCL 2018.1 M-3 Windows Server 2012 64 Bit 45MB Download

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