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  • Capture and extract data from paper or digital invoices, multiple formats, multiple locations
  • Route documents via automated workflows – approvals configured to your business rules
  • File documents with automated folder creation
  • Search - ‘Google-like’ Elasticsearch for rapid retrieval
  • Analytics – unlock key business insights for effective decision making

Kōdo AP Automation - efficient, compliant, insightful AP processing. 


What is Kōdo AP Automation?

Kōdo Accounts Payable Automation provides an automated solution for companies that receive a high volume of invoices, paper and electronic, to quickly and efficiently process from recording to approval and ERP integration.

Transforming your Accounts Payable Processing

Kōdo AP Automation



Smart data capture and extraction

Kōdo AP Automation uses optical character recognition (OCR) to ‘read’ the data from invoices. Its super-smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Capabilities mean that it learns as it goes. The more invoices it processes, the more quickly and accurately it learns to read and interpret the data. 

You can input invoices into Kōdo AP Automation from a range of sources and in multiple formats - you can automatically extract them from emails, input as PDFs, capture paper documents via scanning or by dragging and dropping them from Outlook or Windows folders. Multiple page invoices present no problem, and you can even add margin notes, or sticky notes, just as you would with a paper invoice. 

Kōdo AP Automation can recognise invoice headers, footers and line items and extract the key information from each. It uses that information to intelligently classify the documents and automatically send them to the right workflow for processing.

The inbuilt artificial intelligence and machine learning mean that the more invoices you process, the more the Kōdo AP Automation system learns, and the faster and more accurately it reads and interprets your data. 

Digitising and automating




Pre-built workflow templates

Kōdo AP Automation uses the information within the invoice to intelligently route the document down the appropriate processing path. The system comes with prebuilt templates commonly used workflows, including Invoices with Purchase Order (PO), Invoice without PO and Utility payments such as telephone and electricity. 

For tailored requirements, our workflow designer makes it easy to create new workflows, with a simple ’review and click’ user interface for invoice approval.

The software has built in features to help you jump start your automated workflows - for example, it recognises standard Australian invoices; it can handle multiple currencies; it can manage supplier and utility invoices; it has pre-built approval processes based on roles and invoice amounts; and it can automate invoices with pre-approved purchase orders. 

You can configure approval limits in line with your business processes and select the default general ledger to be used. 
Kōdo AP Automation can be seamlessly integrated with the information in your ERP system too - whether that’s SAP, MYOB, Xero, GreenTree or others. 



Configurable, secure and compliant

Invoice information needs to be stored in a way that is compliant with regulations, secure and yet flexible enough to allow rapid retrieval. Kōdo AP Automation’s filing repository meets those needs.  

Documents can be brought into the filing repository by automatically extracting them from emails, via scanning or by dragging and dropping them from Outlook or Windows folders. You can even add margin notes, or sticky notes, just as you would with a paper invoice. 

Kōdo AP Automation will file them automatically, pulling out the key meta data and creating folders based on the supplier name and the financial year. 

If an invoice contains sensitive information, Kōdo AP Automation can be set up to automatically redact those sections. 

Your documents are held securely, with Kōdo AP Automation ensuring they are only accessible by appropriately authorised users.

Filing invoices


Finding invoices


Keyword and Full Text Search – backed by our powerful search engine.

Once invoices are processed and filed, you need to be sure that you can efficiently retrieve them Kōdo AP Automation uses a ‘Google-like’ search technology called Elasticsearch.

This highly sophisticated search engine allows you to input a text-based search. It is the technology that powers applications like Facebook, Uber and Slack.

You can search on meta data (such as invoice number, supplier name and ABN) and, because Kōdo AP Automation uses OCR, also on information embedded in the body of the document.  Elasticsearch makes it fast and simple to find invoices. 

The search function will automatically prompt you with similar terms in the database, and you can also save your frequently uses searches for future re-use. 



Analyse and report on your payables

Your invoices hold a wealth of valuable business data and  key metrics that are essential to run your business effectively.  

Kōdo AP Automation allows you to access that data, and analyse it using a set of prebuilt reports, or your own custom-created analyses. Information is presented on an ‘at-a-glance’ dashboard and allows you to check the health of your AP operation and spot trends to watch. 

Examples of prebuilt reports include: Total open items, Top 10 vendors by percentage and dollar values, AP aged analyses, Payments by approval status.

Where reports flag areas for concern, drill down menus allow you to interrogate the data further for a more detailed investigation. 

For specific requirements that are not covered by the prebuilt reports, you can extend the dashboard to include your own custom views and reports. 

The dashboard is powered by Kibana, an advanced application provides search and data visualisation capabilities for data indexed in Elasticsearch.

With Kōdo AP Automation’s analytics dashboard, your invoice data becomes invaluable business management information. 



Managing analytics

Solution Architecture

Toshiba’s Kōdo solution is architected to fit into your existing infrastructure for on-premise based implementations. This simplifies implementation, reducing cost and risk. 

The solution architecture is component based - it is built from a set of plug and play modules, so that you can select the ones that best fit your needs. It’s highly scalable - you can start with just a few users and grow to thousands. 

You can integrate your Kōdo AP Automation system with other productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office and can also integrate your vendor invoices, by email or API. 

Kōdo AP Automation works with your ERP, and has prebuilt adapters for a wide range, including MYOB, XERO, SAP, Oracle Financials, Business Central and Greentree.



Faster, more efficient invoice processing


Automatically apply business rules from your ERP Full compliance - with legislation and internal standards

Rapid document retrieval

Wide set of search parameters

Analysis of invoice data

For business insights

Cost savings

Less staff time for processing and retrieval


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