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  • Higher processing speed to improve data processing of large files
  • Rugged and robust
  • Easy maintenance and low cost of ownership

With powerful networking capabilities, the B-852 Advance, 8-inch wide web, low-cost printer delivers outstanding performance for a wide variety of environments and applications. This innovative industrial printer offers superior features including extremely fast processing, large internal memory, web printer controls and outstanding SNMP networking tools.

Fast and compact

The B-852 comes equipped with an 8.5" 300 DPI print head for high clarity printing. Add to this a very compact body (only 385 x 182 x 243mm excluding supply holder) and print speeds of up to 4ips and the result is the superb print quality expected of a leading printer manufacturer.


The B-852 has the latest most advanced features of the Toshiba Range. By installing the Optional PCMCIA interface more Logo's, Fonts, and Label Formats can be stored on PCMCIA Memory cards. Networking is available through the PCMCIA Ethernet LAN card (supporting FTP Client /Server, LPD) which also allows a whole host of Internet Web Printer Controls.

Easy to configure

The newest option for the B-852 is the addition of a PCL5 Board, which will allow instant connection to a variety of systems without the need software changes. A new faster CPU (internal clock speed 60 MHz, outer clock speed 30 MHz) improves the overall throughput and coupled with the greater memory capacity provides a print length of up to 25 inches (640 mm).


Other Options include 20 Downloadable True Type Fonts, Swing Cutter Module, Expansion I/O interface & Keyboard Module giving the performance and flexibility to meet all your printing requirements.


Programming Language
Toshiba TPCL, ZPL
15.65 kg
Standard Connectivity
USB, Parallel, Ethernet
Maximum Speed
4 ips (150 mm/sec)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
386.1 x 243.8 x 66.1 mm
Max. Print Length
640 mm
Ribbon Length
300 m
Direct and Thermal Models
B-852-TS22 (300 dpi; 8"/216.8 mm print width)
For full specifications please refer to the  “DOCUMENTS & RESOURCES” tab.

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