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Customer: Breen Holdings

Country: Australia

Industry: Land Management

Breen Holdings is a property development, land rehabilitation and waste management company based in Sydney.

They operate from two main locations, including their head office on Pitt Street and their landfill site at Kurnell. They also have a site office at Shearwater Landing, Greenhills Beach.

They operate with between 25 and 40 staff, dependent on workload throughout the year.

The Challenge

Breen Holdings had an existing agreement with Toshiba for their multifunction devices (MFDs). They were looking to upgrade one of their MFDs and, in discussions, their Account Manager suggested that they also consider switching their phone services to Toshiba, with the aim of reducing costs. 

Toshiba were able to provide solutions encompassing a full range of technology, from MFDs, printers and laptops to phone systems, point of sale systems, digital signage, document management and software solutions. By incorporating Toshiba products and services on a single agreement, clients can obtain a more competitive rate and have just one point of contact for service and support. 

The phone system that Breen Holdings was using at the time was outdated and had a high cost attached. The service package offered by Toshiba would bring significant savings, as well as an upgrade in technology. 

“We did explore other service providers but no-one was able to match Toshiba’s pricing. Combining that with our existing relationship and the excellent service we have received in the past, it was a simple choice to move our phone service to Toshiba,” said Nancye Fleming from Breen Holdings.

The Transition

Breen Holdings had their new phone service put into place in December 2015, with the lines at their Kurnell site transferred during January and February 2016. 

The installation was expedited as Breen Holding’s previous phone service provider was unwilling to cooperate on the original timeframe for transfer. This left the company facing the prospect of having no phone line for a number of days. 

“The Toshiba team were exceptional and acted immediately to transfer our line and ensure we had no loss of connection. The fact that they were willing and able to move so quickly is a testament to their commitment to customer service,” said Nancye.

Toshiba provided all service and support required to ensure Breen Holdings could get straight to business using the new phone system at their head office. 

“The transition at our head office was very smooth, we had no issues and the Toshiba technical staff were excellent. Their team did all of the leg work for us, showed us how to use the technology and provided everything to make it seamless for us to hit the ground running,” said Nancye.

The Kurnell site proved to be a slightly more complex change over.

“At our Kurnell site, the main line and fax line were a simple switch. Our multiple internal lines, including the all important eftpos line, took more time and care. Those lines were operating on a much older system and it was critical to work out the functionality of each individual line, which was a process. The Toshiba technicians worked through it with patience and professionalism”, continued Nancye.

The Results

“A 69% reduction in their monthly phone bill has meant that the upgrade in technology and ongoing service and support from Toshiba has cost nothing extra. In fact, they are now spending considerably less on their phone service,” 

-  Toshiba Account Manager, Shane Nye.

Through Toshiba’s solution, Breen Holdings have been able to reduce expenditure relating to their phone service by 22 percent, including phone line costs, the new hardware and service and support. 

“A 69% reduction in their monthly phone bill has meant that the upgrade in technology and ongoing service and support from Toshiba has cost nothing extra. In fact, they are now spending considerably less on their phone service,” said Toshiba Account Manager, Shane Nye.

The upgrade in technology has also provided new efficiencies in day to day operations at Breen Holdings.

“Another fantastic outcome of our new phone system is that we are now directly linked to our Kurnell site and can make direct call transfers. We no longer have to dial out, it is just a simple case of pressing their extension and we are connected. We are also able to transfer all incoming calls over to Kurnell, as required, which is fantastic for our small dynamic team, as our office can be unmanned at times,” said Nancye.

Combining services with one provider allows for streamlined billing and support.

“Our multifunction devices cover our complete range of needs at three of our sites, from scanning and photocopying, through to document editing and faxing. Having both our phones and MFDs through the one provider makes service and support a breeze. We love that Toshiba are always very responsive. Whenever we need something, they are quick to reply on the end of the phone or over email,” said Nancye.

The Outcome

The agreement with Breen Holdings was the first Toshiba managed service contract to include telephony and proved to be a great success.

Breen holdings are satisfied with the business relationship they have with Toshiba and are confident that Toshiba will be a strong partner in the long term. Their agreement allows for review and optimisation of their services on an ongoing basis.

“We have always found Toshiba to be an outstanding provider. We have an excellent account manager looking after us and have confidence in their team of professionals and the technology they provide,” concluded Nancye.

Breen Holdings
Level 9, 92 Pitt Street Sydney,
NSW 2000 Australia

(02) 9235 0400

(02) 9235 0411


Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited 
Bldg C, 12-24 Talavera Road,
North Ryde, NSW 2113 Australia

(02) 9887 6000

(02) 9815 6274


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