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Daramalan College

Success Story

Customer: Daramalan College

Country: Australia

Industry:  Education

Daramalan College is a co-educational Catholic secondary school in Canberra's north. It offers a comprehensive and diverse academic, pastoral, spiritual, vocational, sporting and cultural education, helping students to be well prepared for life beyond school.

Daramalan College has 1430 students and around 160 staff members at a single campus.

The Success Story

“ We now have a set monthly price for infrastructure, service and support from a single vendor, who caters to all of our technology requirements,”

- Br. Barry, Business Manager

Under the ‘Toshiba One’ framework, Daramalan College have a fully integrated and managed solution to their print, document management and technology requirements.

Incorporating printers, multifunction devices, card readers, software and point-of-sale technology, Toshiba have provided a cost-effective resource for the school.

Br. Barry Smith, Business Manager at Daramalan College, says that the key benefit of the solution is that the College only needed to engage one provider who is responsible for multiple services across the board, on a single, fixed monthly bill.

“We now have a set monthly price for infrastructure, service and support from a single vendor, who caters to all of our technology requirements,” said Br. Barry.

Over and above a cost effective outcome, Daramalan were looking for a solution that would ensure that staff and students had the best tools at their fingertips.

“In terms of our print fleet, it is larger and more robust than ever. Monitoring software and integrated swipe cards have given us the ability to track and report on device usage and help to reduce wastage. We are now getting more for our money, with an efficient resource for teaching and learning,” said Br. Barry.

Through point-of-sale technology, Toshiba have helped Daramalan achieve a cashless system for students on campus. Toshiba display panels have also been placed in common areas and are used to convey school messages to students.

“We are pleased to be in business with a provider who can deliver all of our requirements when it comes to cutting-edge solutions. Toshiba are always able to provide expert advice in this regard,” said Br. Barry.

The Road to Success

“Our fleet contained a range of different devices from three separate providers. It was challenging to manage and budget for. We also had no way of monitoring use of the devices,”

– Br, Barry, Business Manager

Before engaging Toshiba for the new solution, Daramalan were facing a number of issues with their print fleet, including variable monthly costs, managing several providers, and a limited understanding of how print technology was being utilised within the school.

“Our fleet contained a range of different devices from three separate providers. It was challenging to manage and budget for. We also had no way of monitoring use of the devices,” said Br. Barry.

Toshiba began by conducting a print discovery process to audit fleet usage at the College and this formed the basis of the new solution.

“The audit process gave us a clear picture of demand for the first time. It was excellent to have this knowledge and it really did highlight areas of need and the inefficient devices,” said Br. Barry.

Toshiba proposed a managed service, including all required hardware, software consumables, service and support. The solution allows the College to collect data on the use of devices. Staff and students are able to collect their work from any number of locations around the school by swiping their card to release their job at a chosen device. Jobs that are not collected at a device are not printed, which reduces wastage.

Daramalan were impressed by the all inclusive nature of the solution and the fixed monthly rate makes it simple to budget for. Automated consumables ordering was also a draw card, however, it was the College’s existing relationship with Toshiba that sealed the deal.

“We had an existing relationship with Toshiba for a small number of our machines. In all of our dealings with Toshiba, we were impressed by the service and support we received. I was always happy with the way we were treated as a customer. They took time to understand our needs and provided the most cost-effective option to meet our requirements,” said Br. Barry.

The solution was implemented during the January school holidays to minimise disruption to the College.

“Toshiba took care of the entire implementation. It was completely seamless from our perspective,” said Br. Barry.

Training was made available by Toshiba to ensure staff understood how to use the technology.

“Staff had to get used to swiping the machines with their card, so that small change of habit took some getting used to. Students took it in their stride - young people tend to be comfortable with change, especially when it comes to technology,” said Br. Barry.

Once the print fleet was up and running, Toshiba and Daramalan began discussions around moving to a cashless system for students. Toshiba were able to provide the technology required by the College to bring this to fruition.

“Toshiba point-of-sale terminals have been installed in our brand new canteen, which allow students to pay for their items using their student card. Toshiba provide an online program called “My Student Account” where parents can load money onto student cards for school purchases,” said Br. Barry.

The Outlook

Toshiba Managed Solutions are constantly being reviewed in partnership with their clients. The aim is to ensure all clients are provided with the correct technology, service and support to meet their requirements. Daramalan and Toshiba conduct quarterly reviews to ensure the solution remains optimised.

“We are very happy customers. Toshiba attend to all of our needs and provide good advice on our technology requirements. We are feeling good about working with them in the long-term and would recommend Toshiba as an excellent provider for others with similar needs,” concluded Br. Barry.

Daramalan College
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