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Success Story

Customer: HammondCare

Country: Australia

Industry: Healthcare

HammondCare is regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative health and aged care providers. It provides hospital care, residential care and community services throughout NSW.

HammondCare operates across 15 locations, including 4 hospitals. HammondCare has over 2,500 staff; one third of them work within its hospitals..

The Challenge


HammondCare had a large print fleet operating within the hospitals arm of its business. The contract on the fleet was coming to an end, the equipment had become out of date, unreliable and the costs associated were high and variable.

“My staff were spending a great deal of time managing machines that had become unreliable, the service we were receiving from our provider was less than ideal and we certainly weren’t receiving value for money,” said Rob Binskin, CIO at HammondCare.

Rob decided it was time to look at overhauling the fleet and went to market looking for a new solution.

“It was definitely time to research the market and find a more efficient and economical solution. As part of the process we looked at all kinds of options. It was Toshiba who suggested we look at a Managed Print Service (MPS) arrangement,” said Rob.

HammondCare had been a client of Toshiba’s for about 12 months, with a number of Toshiba’s devices within other areas of their business. Neil McLeod, the Toshiba Account Manager who looks after HammondCare said, that there were obvious complexities in managing the old fleet within it hospitals.

“HammondCare didn’t have a good picture of how the print devices within its hospitals were being used. It had 54 devices with 14 different models within the fleet. The management of this wide variety of devices was demanding on valuable IT resources and it was a challenge to keep on top of the amount of consumable items required. In addition, costs were variable month to month making it difficult to anticipate ongoing expenditure,” said Neil.

The Toshiba Approach

“We have more than halved our costs and with absolutely no loss of functionality. In fact, we have gained functionality through the new equipment, software and up-to-date technology,”

– Rob Binskin, CIO

Toshiba conducted a print discovery for HammondCare over a three month period, to get a good picture of its actual usage and associated costs across the fleet. This helped to formulate the best solution for HammondCare’s needs.

“We wanted to help HammondCare reduce operating costs, optimise usage, improve print output and simplify device management, billing and reporting,” said Neil McLeod from Toshiba.

The new solution included optimising some of the existing printers and replacing the older, unreliable equipment with 16 new Toshiba Multifunction devices (MFD’s) and 20 Lexmark printers. Toshiba incorporated software to assist HammondCare in reducing paper wastage through enforced printing rules, and provided tools to allow it to monitor device usage on an ongoing basis.

The solution is entirely inclusive, providing HammondCare with the equipment, software, consumables, service and support at a fixed monthly cost.

“Toshiba was already a trusted business partner. Its proposal provided everything we would need on a single monthly bill and would allow us to reduce our costs considerably. It was on this basis that we chose to move ahead with Toshiba to manage the print needs within our hospitals,” said Rob.

The Transition

Toshiba worked closely with HammondCare staff to make the implementation for the new solution as smooth as possible.

“Toshiba took care of everything, from the removal of old equipment, to the implementation of the new and training staff to use the new machines and software. The change was well received and I did not receive any negative feedback. It was really down to Neil and his team managing the whole process well and working efficiently with HammondCare’s people to ensure the best outcome,” said Rob.

Since the implementation of the Toshiba MPS solution, HammondCare has been able to reduce its costs by more than half.

“We have more than halved our costs and with absolutely no loss of functionality. In fact, we have gained functionality through the new equipment, software and up-to-date technology,” said Rob.

HammondCare now has a single point of contact for the service and support of its fleet. Scheduled servicing and the ordering of consumables are now automated and the equipment is more reliable, which is freeing up resources.

HammondCare has confidence in its partnership with Toshiba and the outlook is very positive.

“The relationship I have with our account manager Neil is great and if I ever need anything, he works with us to find out exactly what we require and he delivers every time. It just seems to be a very professional relationship. If we can maintain the quality of the equipment, the high level of service and the value for money, I can see our partnership with Toshiba continuing well into the future,” said Rob.

The Outlook

Toshiba takes its MPS partnerships and their ongoing success seriously, which is why periodic reviews are built into all agreements. These reviews allow clients to review how the MPS solution is working for their business and to get support from Toshiba to make improvements when necessary.

“The review process has been very helpful and allows us to work together in optimising our solution on an ongoing basis. A past review enabled us to identify some equipment that was being over used.

We were able to relocate and add equipment to accommodate the print volumes in that area, in a way that did not affect our ongoing costs. That was a really good outcome for us,” said Rob.

“My team no longer spend valuable time managing our printers and MFD’s. The service and support we are receiving from Toshiba is excellent and it is now the one thing that I don’t have to worry about,” continued Rob.

“I am very happy with the single monthly invoice, which is a fixed price for all of the needs relating to the print fleet, and I believe that we are getting excellent value for money,” added Rob.


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