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Success Story

Customer: ANZ Breast Cancer Trials Group & NewtonGreen Technologies

Country: Australia

Industry: Medical

NewtonGreen are IT and software consultants, specialising in providing complete support to organisations in the field of medical research. One of their long-standing clients is the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Breast Cancer Trials Group – NewtonGreen developed the software used to track breast cancer trials, manage their website and act as their IT department. 

The Breast Cancer Trials Group rely on NewtonGreen for all things technical within their operation, so when they moved premises and had to fit out the new offices, the first thing they did was pick up the phone to Andrew Green, Head of IT at NewtonGreen.  

The Challenge: New premises, new technology 


“The Breast Cancer Trials Group brought their workstations with them to the new premises, but other equipment was at the end of its life and the move was an opportunity to refresh”, says Andrew, “it was a chance to move away from having multiple printers, copiers and fax machines and replace them with shared, multi-function devices”.

Having approached several vendors NewtonGreen was impressed from the start with Toshiba, because their multi-function printer met all the Breast Cancer Trials Group’s requirements at a competitive price, ease of communication and responsiveness to queries. 

The change in strategy would only be successful if they could be sure of meeting certain criteria. Andrew explains: “Because we wanted to reduce the total number of printers from around 25 down to 2, we had to ensure the new devices would be fast enough not to cause bottlenecks for our 50 or so users. And because the new space is open plan, security was an important consideration. We had already chosen a swipe card system, which manages security and provides a single print queue for dynamic printer selection. We had to be sure that we could integrate our card system into the new devices. The Breast Cancer Trials Group needed to combine print, scan, copy and fax in a single machine, and also wanted time-saving functionality like stapling and hole-punching”.

An added bonus of working with Toshiba was the breadth of their technology offerings. The Breast Cancer Trials Group wanted state-of-the-art AV equipment in their new offices and Toshiba Technology Solutions Consultant, Gavin Payne introduced his AV specialist colleagues. 

“They provided great advice on exactly which equipment and layout would suit the size and purpose of each room and dealing with one supplier for two sets of requirements helped to streamline the project” says Andrew. 

The Solution: More than just printing 

The MFP’s are fast, reliable and easy to use so there is never a queue for a printer.  The inclusion of a swipe card system shows users their document history and status enabling them scan to email, print, copy or fax with all addresses set up to minimise data entry. 

“For us as the service provider, this new system is so easy to support”, says Andrew. “We only have one machine type, one driver, one set of user instructions”. 

“Maintenance and automated toner replenishment are included, so we can give our client 100% confidence that their machines will always be up and running” says Andrew. 

Having only two machines to manage and maintain has significantly lowered the cost of copy and print services and the lease agreement proposed by Toshiba makes sound financial sense – at the end of the term the Breast Cancer Trials Group can simply replace the machines with newer technology. 

The Breast Cancer Trials Group has a goal of becoming totally paperless over the next 1-2 years and the scan to email and scan to file functionality of the Toshiba MFPs will allow them to digitise all paperwork as it enters the office.

We went through a few iterations with our requirements, and each time Toshiba came back to us really promptly. They also assured us that they were able to deliver and install the machines to our timelines" - Andrew Green, NewtonGreen Technologies

The installed Toshiba MFP’s utilise e-BRIDGE Capture & Store scanning technology which easily integrated with ANZ Breast Cancer Trials existing information systems.

The Result: Happy users, lower costs, simple support 

On the AV side, the ANZ Breast Cancer Trials Group now has three rooms fully fitted out with monitors, projectors and touch panel controls, enabling productive meetings and video conferences.

Overall, the project has been an unqualified success.

“All in all,” says Andrew, “consolidating our multiple devices onto these two MFPs from Toshiba and implementing their AV solution has been a great strategic technical decision. It has saved us, and therefore our client, money, resources and time”. 

We had quite a few users that expressed misgivings before the move and losing their individual printers. But, since they've completely started using the new devices, those concerns have completely evaporated. - Andrew Green, NewtonGreen Technologies

The best thing about working with Toshiba for us, says Andrew,  included;

>   Toshiba technology – the capability and ease of use of their  equipment. It all works in such a straightforward way.

>   The timeliness of Toshiba’s responses and the layout of their proposal. All the information was presented in a way that was easy to understand and they were very responsive to questions and changes. 

>   Ease of implementation – it has been very easy to get everything working. We do have maintenance included in our contract, but we haven’t had to use it – Toshiba printers just look after.

NewtonGreen Technologies

Level 4, 175 Scott St,
Newcastle, NSW, 2300
Tel: (02) 4925 5288


ANZ Breast Cancer Trials Group

PO Box 283, The Junction, 
NSW, 2991
Tel: (02) 4925 3025


Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd 

Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road
North Ryde, NSW, 2113

Telephone 1300 794 202


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