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Success Story

Customer: Stella Maris Catholic Primary School

Country: New Zealand 

Industry: Education

Toshiba’s multi-function solutions aid in ensuring efficient management and streamlining of processes. 

Stella Maris is a Catholic Primary School in Silverdale, on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, north of Auckland.

The school has a strong academic focus with each child encouraged to take responsibility for their learning, valuing knowledge under the guidance of teachers and support staff.

The Challenge:

Like many schools, they were looking for ways to make the most of their financial resources. Looking for opportunities to saving money and/or offer better services to pupils and staff. Principal Alan Watts, realised that the school’s copying facilities potentially had scope for greater efficiency.

"We had just one copier”, explains Alan, “which was in the school office. First thing in the morning, before lessons, there would often be a queue as teachers made copies for the day’s lessons. The office is away from the classrooms, so if pupils needed copies, they had to spend time coming over to the other side of the school. The printer offered a basic, black and white print and copy service.”

The Solution:

“Toshiba were a sponsor of the National Catholic Principals’ Association”, explains Alan of how the relationship started, “so we included them in the process and invited them to explain to us what they could offer.”

What they were able to offer was a significantly improved service, with lower cost and much simpler financial management. 

“Toshiba put together a proposal for four copiers,” says Alan, “all of them with colour function, and under a single monthly invoice based on usage. We could quickly see that the Toshiba solution gave us the chance to lower our overall costs, reduce management overhead and improve our service.”

Queuing for a single printer has been eliminated, and having copiers closer to classrooms is more convenient, saving time for teachers and pupils.

The Results: 

For teachers, the devices offer functionality that they didn’t have under the old system – the ability to print in colour and the ability to scan to email, either to themselves or a colleague. Each teacher has a monthly allocation for colour printing, and when they log in to the system using their individual 4-digit code, the device tracks their colour usage.

Recognising them as a teacher, it also offers them the ability to scan to email and provides them with a list of addresses so they can send to themselves or directly to a colleague.  

Working with Toshiba has been great, says Alan. 

"The new system makes it much easier for me to plan and manage budgeting,” says Alan, “I can track overall usage and drill down to user and machine level, via a Toshiba web app. The system automatically orders toner when needed and I get a single invoice each month based on total usage.

“They really do seem to focus on people and  relationships, which means that their service is  outstanding. If we need any help, they always send someone onsite, even though we’re a bit out of the way. They respond very rapidly, and the issue is always resolved. They’ve helped us save valuable school funds and offer a better service to our pupils and staff for a lower cost. It’s been a lesson in efficiency and service.”


Stella Maris Catholic Primary School
50 Silverdale Street, 
New Zealand, 0932

P: +64 9 427 9189

Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd 
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road
North Ryde NSW 2113

P: 1300 794 202

New Zealand 
32 Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington 

P: 09 570 8530

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