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ToBeMe Early Learning

Customer: ToBeMe Early Learning

Country: AUS

Industry: Education

ToBeMe is a brand-new early learning childcare centre that prides themselves in nurturing young minds and enabling them to grow into the best version of themselves.

Their first centre opened up in Burwood at the end of January 2017 to positive feedback from parents and children alike. Their centre was so popular that a second site is currently under construction at Five Dock due to open August 2017.


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The ToBeMe Early Learning Curriculum draws and builds upon the world’s best teaching theories, philosophies (including Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and THRASS phonetics) and integrates them with child and behavioural psychology. The educational directors are dedicated to each child’s education freed up from administration by their dedicated administration team lead by the Customer Experience Manager.

Each centre was designed by award-winning childcare centre architect, Sarah Scott, who incorporated a gym, LEGO® room, library and children’s restaurant. The service provides healthy meals for every child as well as teaching researched based nutritional information. The educator team includes
on-site specialists in art, music, language and sports.

Burwood has a total of 120 care spaces available and Five Dock will offer 132 each with 31-32 staff members respectively.


ToBeMe Burwood was still under construction when they began looking for technology solutions for their business.

They were looking for providers to service their IT infrastructure, print, document management, security, audio/visual (AV) and telephone systems.

ToBeMe approached Toshiba and became aware of the revolutionary technology behind, “Toshiba One.”


We are very happy with our IT infrastructure. The on-site server makes us feel in control and reduces performance issues. The technology is high quality at a competitive price and includes back-up for our peace of mind. When we expand to Five Dock, our PC’s there will tap into our server at Burwood.

Toshiba One solutions provide an extensive array of technology services including IT, print, document management, AV, security, retail systems, medical products and telephone systems. All of these services are provided on one monthly managed servicing fee.

Rob Yeldon, CEO at ToBeMe, said that there was a strong appeal in having only one provider supplying the full gamut of technology.

“It was obvious to us that having just one organisation managing as much of our technology as possible makes things more streamlined. A single monthly fee and only one point of contact for service and support is obviously much simpler to manage than five different providers.
Adding to that the fact that we were going through construction, when cash is king, having a fully financed option was very attractive,” said Rob.

Toshiba’s proposal provided a solution for all of their requirements at a competitive price-point delivering high quality technology and ongoing service and support.

“Managing several installation personnel for the range of technology, amongst construction trades, and working within our time lines, made for a tough environment for our Toshiba Account Manager. He did a remarkable job in the circumstances and now that we are operational, everything seems to be working seamlessly,” said Rod.
The IT Component of Toshiba’s solution at ToBeMe included a physical internal server, two powerful laptop computers catering for workstation requirements and seven tablets to provide portable technology for the centre. All devices include all of the software ToBeMe require and the systems are monitored and pro-actively managed by Toshiba’s managed technology service. 
“We are very happy with our IT infrastructure. The on-site server makes us feel in control and reduces performance issues. The technology is high quality at a competitive price and includes back-up for our peace of mind. When we expand to Five Dock, our PC’s there will tap into our server at Burwood,” said Rob.

ToBeMe are also pleased with the quality of output provided by their print technology.

“Our print infrastructure does everything we need it to and is of such high quality that we are able to print all of our own marketing material in-house,” said Rob.

The surveillance element of the solution provides peace of mind for both staff and parents assuring them that ToBeMe is a continuously monitored environment.

“Our CCTV includes 6 cameras, providing high visibility across the centre, enabling us to be a safe and secure facility.” said Rob.

The AV provided included a 70-inch interactive display and a quality Bose ceiling speaker system operated through Bluetooth amplifiers.

Toshiba also provided a SIP Trunks phone system with a handset in each room in addition to three portable handsets.

“We have quality portable telephony with good range on a highly economical plan. There is also the added benefit that when our Five Dock facility is complete, we will tap into the hardware at Burwood and will only require the handsets,” said Rob.

ToBeMe are satisfied with the level of service and support they are receiving from Toshiba.

“We have built good relationships with support personnel. When a support job is logged, someone owns the issue and it is resolved in a timely fashion.” said Rob.

Rob was incredibly impressed with Toshiba One’s system of including one point of contact, bill, and set of paperwork as it eased the transition and made them feel like their service was personalised.

“Having our own dedicated Account Manager at Toshiba being our one point of contact gives us the feeling that we are dealing with a boutique provider. The power of that Account Manager and the confidence it gives us really makes this solution a success.” said Rob.

All Toshiba One solutions cater to every business individually whether its going through a stage of growth or changes allowing for variations as required. ToBeMe are excited to be expanding their Toshiba One managed service to their Five Dock location in the coming months cementing their business relation with Toshiba as they expand.

We intend to expand our Toshiba One solution to our Five Dock centre based on our satisfaction with the solution at Burwood. I would be very confident in recommending Toshiba to other businesses as a complete technology solutions specialist. Our aim is to be the best childcare provider in our market and we want our technology to match our vision. Toshiba One provided the solutions that mirrored our vision.” concluded Rob.

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ToBeMe Early Learning
Level 3, 11-15 Deane St
Burwood, 2134

(02) 9744 0066
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